The team of the architectural company “Constructive” grew and formed for several years. With pride and awareness of the path we traveled, in June 2017, we celebrated the first significant date – ten years from our first design project. That project we remember like today – it was a project of redevelopment a two-room apartment in old house, transformed in communal apartment in Soviet times. Living in such apartments is uncomfortable, and therefore designers and architects have the customer’s request to improve the present living conditions.

From that times our Company has survived several economic crises, different political problems and war, that instarted in 2014. Guided by accepted service norms, we regard the Client as the main our business partner, and unstopping studying of our designers about space interior solutions and architectural design on the latest technologies. During its existence, the company “Constructive” has prepared and issued a number of designers, architects and engineers, including yesterday’s students who work in other architectural markets of Ukraine and even in other countries.

High appreciation of our architectural and design projects by our clients, special architectural style, allows us to bring our own reflections into the architectural environment, to establish our vision and to join in solving the external environment of Ukrainian modern realities.

The basic principles that we put in each project consist of two groups of factors – aesthetically-ergonomic and psychologically-organizational. The first group of factors includes work with architectural proportions, market trends and necessary monitoring of changes in consumer tastes. The second group includes the development of special technical and architectural tools database for the polls and analysis of received information from the Client. Using it, will be possible to quickly and with a minimum number of remarks to get a high quality architectural or design project and, without delay, proceed to its realization. At this moment, the most interesting thing is coming in, because for us it is very desirable to provide the project as realistically as possible in the shortest time and with the highest quality.

Actually, due to constant supervision and project organization you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and special approach to all architectural decisions!

With best regards, the team of “Constructive” Architectural Company Ltd.