Design project of dental clinic

The design of the dental clinic project in Lviv, designed by our company designers, is designed to create aesthetic pleasure for visitors and thus to eliminate physical discomfort and unpleasant feelings during the visit to the dentist.

This dental clinic project design is not the first such facility in our practice. However, it came out modern and relevant for a few more years. The main task of designing a health care facility is to give it an area of maximum functionality and beautiful appearance at the same time.

The entrance area is maintained in a gray-turquoise color scheme that has a calming effect on the patient’s perception. Separately separated area allows you to relax before receiving a doctor. Kids can be drawn and distracted from thinking about a dental chair. The premises of the clinic have enough natural light. Thanks to this, there will always be light and the colors look rich and pleasing to the eye.

Walls are decorated with textured washable panels, bathrooms – tiles, paint on the walls in all premises is also subject to cleaning – thus it will be possible to ensure compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

Based on the existing layout and open space, it was decided to zonally divide the room using colored accents. In this way, proportions are maintained and balanced, making the room more spacious and visually brighter. The sanitary facilities are equipped with a built-in toilet and built-in water and drainage systems, and all cabinets and drawers are built in, ensuring minimalism in all available areas.

When designing the clinic, this feature is taken into account – the comfortable movement of people with disabilities. Including, the design project of the dental clinic involves the presence of an elevator, with the help of which such a person will be able to climb to the second floor and get there all the necessary procedures, make an x-ray, receive treatment. All of these things had to be combined with smart room decorating solutions, budget but not too outdated.

A few words about interaction with the Client. The customer is an experienced doctor who is opening a third clinic. So he knew quite well the design needs and requirements, as well as everything that was required to be minimalistic in the clinic style.

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Total Area: Sq.


Design Area: Sq.


Number of living rooms: .


Number of bathrooms: .


Design year: 2017 .


A project of an IT company office with work and training parts


Project of an IT company office with working and training functional parts.

Office projects are increasingly being ordered by our company not only in the service sector but also in the intellectual and information services. Employees who are in a harmonious environment feel better, they have lower levels of stress, better relationships in the team, higher performance. Environment and personality are interconnected and interdependent. It is difficult to spend a lot of time in dirty or gloomy rooms, made in an arbitrary color scheme and with arbitrary layout. Considering that we spend tens of hours a month at work, you can guess what impact this environment has on us. In recent years, companies have been increasingly trying to ensure good working conditions for their employees, since a better investment in the development of an enterprise is an investment in employees.

The project of the office provides functional zoning in two zones – working and training. Window sills overlooking a quiet courtyard with trees decorated for seating to rest on. The walls are painted with special paint, which can be painted with a marker. Black and white zones intersect, cross into one another, from texture to texture, from material to material. And now the whole project of the office receives a complete design, fully implemented with modern paints, flooring, ceiling and special lighting fixtures, concrete panels on the walls. Gradually, our interior, measuring sixty meters in size and with six workplaces, approaches the conceptual project of playing light and shadows, spaces and proportions.

The floor is made of a special coating that will absorb excess noise – environmentally friendly industrial linoleum, resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Separate behind the door with a hidden box, there is a kitchen and a wardrobe. It will be possible to place unnecessary items, outerwear, changeable shoes and various items of rare use (tools, cables, parts, computer components and other things that clutter the look of the interior of the room). Calm colors set people to work and at the same time calm, focused. Beautiful interior accents – chairs, lamps, plants – enrich its appearance.

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Total Area: Sq.


Design Area: Sq.


Number of rooms: .


Number of bathrooms:


Design year: 2017 .


Design project of Lobster Beer & Wine store

Wine shop design project

When designing a Lobster Beer & Wine design project, we decided to focus on the loft style. The term “English” is used to denote the attic, attic, gallery, upper floor of a warehouse or factory. Indeed, at first glance, this interior is reminiscent of a workshop or workshop. But looking a little closer, you can notice and appreciate the original style and bold taste of its owners.

The origins of the loft should be sought in the 1940s in New York. Due to the skyrocketing rental prices in Manhattan, industrial sites had to move production to the suburbs. And the structures now sold for pennies began to be used by the New York bohemian. The artists here not only held exhibitions but also lived. The tumultuous imagination of the artists turned ex-factories into vivid masterpieces. A queue of rich people who were ready to pay tens of thousands of dollars for them settled into the original premises. Subsequently, loft fashion came to the Old World. The chipset of style is a harmonious combination of architectural solutions. Loft allows you to combine, at first glance, incompatible things. That is why modern youth adores this style.

Over the last few years, Loft has been firmly holding the palm to the forefront of cafes and bars. Brick, metal and wood in interior decoration, as if magnet attracted customers. Therefore, in these institutions there is a problem for the owners of the problem of extra table. The main idea of the project was to make the premises so that any passerby would go to Lobster. The neon sign of the establishment and the image of the lobster itself, which seems to invite everyone to spend a few tens of minutes in his company, catches the eye of potential clients. It is also worth noting the excellent location of the wine rack. In designing this store design project, we used natural wood in combination with black. As practice shows, this “cocktail” in the interior can not leave anyone indifferent.

If you are concerned about the question “Who could execute a store design project for us?” – we will gladly assist you in its decision, because for us the Client is our main partner

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Total Area: 21 Sq.


Design Area: 21 Sq.


Number of premises: 2 . (hall and utility room)


Design year: 2017 .


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