Architectural project of a house in Berezhany, Lviv region

rchitectural project of a three-storey single-family house in the suburbs of Lviv

The architectural project is located on a sloping plot with difficult relief in a cozy area within the ring road of the city, 12 acres.

Customer’s wishes: Develop an original and non-standard home project for a family of five using modern materials and technologies.
The base of the tape type used in the frame construction serves as the basis for the columns, which serve as a support for the structure. The ground floor has a utility room and a garage. The basis of the walls of the first floor is made of concrete blocks, reinforced with a reinforcement belt. On the first floor there is a through kitchen, living room and children’s rooms. The third floor designed to accommodate homeowners. In the center of the house are stairs with partial external glazing, the area of which will occupy at the same time a winter garden. Roof are operated, terraced type.
Exterior wall coverings – clinker, composite materials.

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Plot area :: 0.12 ha


House Area: 150 Sq.


Floors: 3 .


Number of bedrooms: 2 .


Garage: on 1 car.


Design year: 2017 .


Design of a two-storey mansion in the Krotoszyn, Lviv region

Mansion Design as a Multitasking Challenge for Designer + Young Progressive Customers = Minimalistic Scandinavian Interior Design.

Designing a mansion for a young family is a great challenge for more experienced and conservative designers. On the one hand, you have to come up with a concept and do something very cool, on the other – younger people have their vision and often it is an advanced market. More advanced than usual design solutions and standard architectural designs. When placing an order and before working on the design, it is necessary to determine the taste of the customer and the style in which we will design. Our design of the mansion is minimalist in combination with Scandinavian elements.

Inside the mansion is dominated by open space, lots of light, air – the interior is filled with life, positive, joy. So just emphasize this and highlight it in interior design. Let’s start with a kitchen that is insular and open. Our Clients love to welcome guests and spend their time with them, so we decided to leave the space fully open, from the kitchen to the island and ending with a smooth transition into the hallway and hallway. The décor uses an achromatic black and white range with the addition of natural materials – wood and natural colors – green. The fireplace in the interior adds comfort and emphasizes the natural character of the decor.

The bathrooms are designed in a simple style without unnecessary detail, emphasizing the minimalist mood, but with the inclusion of large elements – a large mirror, long lamps, a long length of the wall of the bath. The entrance to the house has an interesting burgundy color, the color harmonizes in space and adds an interesting touch to the interior design.

The work area for Customers who sometimes work at home is made jointly separated in an office that is delimited only by the zonal, without the allocation of a separate room. On the side is a convenient cabinet-rack, which can accommodate a large number of books, magazines and other materials, and the view through a large window offers a nice view of the best part of the site and the surrounding space.

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Total Area: 192 Sq.


Design Area: 125 Sq.


Number of living rooms: .


Number of bathrooms: 3 .


Design year: 2017 .


Interior design project in black and white achromatic solution

The interior design project is a black-and-white restrained solution of all apartments with minimalist decoration.

The client who turned to our architectural design studio for an interior design project had a sophisticated and sophisticated taste. This apartment is located in the cottage residential development of a cozy area of low-rise city. Its convenient planning is complemented by a garage from which you can get directly into the apartment..

The aromatic range in the interior is a new trend of fashion among modern apartment design. Within a year or two, all colors have the ability to bother in the interior, while the black and white solution is not boring and leaves room for fantasy.

How will you feel in such colors? Cold or warm, calm or active, fun or sad – we had to answer all these questions many times … However, the result exceeded expectations! At the first presentation, the client liked the design of the interior design. Of course, we are used to this effect, but there is still some doubt and experience until we get the finished product.

The interior was filled gradually as the works were completed. To do this, we make a logistic plan and go for it, launching sequentially parallel processes. This method saves time for the implementation of the interior project up to 29-38%, and the design of the interior project is even better than planned – due to careful copyright supervision (construction control). Some architectural projects can be implemented here.

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We paid special attention to furniture in the interior. The slim-footed furniture emphasizes the lightness of the interior, while the room itself looks larger. You can also influence the perception of proportions of space, vary the size of residential areas, change the distribution of the area within one zone. In addition, the proportions are influenced by the size of the door, as well as the number and texture of vertical fabrics. The use of diode lighting in the interior gives a lot of light (with the possibility of its accentuation in the right places) and at the same time it is very economical in terms of energy costs.

Thus, the design interior design, created by the architectural company “Constructive”, meets all the wishes of the Client and was modern and economical.



Total Area: Sq.


Design Area: Sq.


Number of living rooms: .


Number of bathrooms: .


Design year: .


Apartment design project in the new building in Lviv

Designer and Client swapped – what happened? Elegant interior design project in a cozy home.і

The services of the designer of the architectural company “Constructive” strives to satisfy the Client in the smallest detail of the interior design project and bring it closer to the ideal. This time the Client turned out to be very demanding and with a very sophisticated taste. However, this is exactly what we love most – so, having spent all the previous talks and questionnaires, we enthusiastically went to work.

First of all, we started to master the master bedroom. Bedroom – a special place where you need to balance the amount of fabrics – not too much and not too much, similar to the lighting, the height of furniture, the texture of materials. The designer worked somewhere without days off and was looking for a solution, but we still did not come close to the finale. And then we decided – why not include in your team … the Client himself ?! And so, the result exceeded all expectations.

The bedroom is a few days, the bathroom is one day, the kitchen is several hours. Each member of the Client’s family has visited the site of the designer and can now bear the proud name “Designer”. Only the Living Room and the Children’s Client decided to fully trust us. So there we were already able to feel like a child who will grow up in his childhood world, and the owner of the house, which is about to open the door to visitors. Thanks to such incredible reincarnation, the designer became a child, the Client, trying on the point of view of the environment, and our Client is now a little bit a designer and will be able to decorate his new premises with his own hands.

And a few words about the design of the nursery. We chose a delicate pink range that would emphasize the sophistication and identity of the customer’s daughter’s nature, as well as divide the premises into zones – this way the child will be able to move within the same room, but they will not be bored and each child will be able to fill them with new ones. , special content. Lamps for all rooms were carefully selected for the best price – quality and were purchased at the beginning of the process of design of the apartment project.

Did you like what our designer did? 🙂 We are very 🙂 join our architectural company and you and feel in different roles under the clear control of professionals! Our designer services = the perfect interior of your home

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Total Area: 109.3 Sq.


Design Area: 109.3 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 4 .


Number of bathrooms: 2 .


Design year: 2017 .


Inexpensive project of the rent apartment

An inexpensive apartment project can also look unique and beautiful if you invite professional designers with experience in the implementation of objects of different complexity to implement it.

An affordable apartment project is a separate service provided by our company designers. It has been developed and successfully implemented for several years in a row. The essence of the service is that we carry out the design somewhat differently than in the case of individual design. After all, there is no specific customer who will live in the apartment. The apartment will be rented out and it is necessary to create such design that it looked attractive at first sight. Well, the task is not easy, but it is quite capable of designers of the architectural company “Constructive”.
The project of the apartment was inexpensively decided to make in a wooden style. Wood style is one of the most versatile areas of design and is virtually win-win. It appeals to a wide audience, ranging from the unpretentious to those who seek sophistication in simplicity or love environmental motives.

Let’s start with our favorite moment – finding additional space. Since the square footage of the apartment is quite large, but not sufficient to form two full rooms, it was decided to divide the area visually by bookshelves with a partition. Also, the apartment should be as comfortable as possible – so a closet with translucent doors (sometimes to forget something from things), open space and bedside tables – optimally fill the space. Thus, the apartment is not too empty – creating a lack of coziness and a feeling of “station”, and not too cluttered – which will ruin any aesthetics. There is one small secret that you should definitely take into account when decorating in a wooden style – in such a room should be as green as possible. If this effect is not provided, there is a risk of getting a simple and not too neat design purely due to the difference of the invoices. However, if you take a variety of plants and place them in certain areas – it will be interesting and unusual effect. By adding books, textiles, non-standard lamps to the interior, we create comfort and a sense of home, peace, security and relaxation.

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Total Area: 65.3 Sq.


Design Area: 61.3 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 1 .


Number of bathrooms: 1 .


Design year: 2017 .


Design object – apartment in a high-rise building

The object of design is an apartment in a high-rise building with a conceptual minimalist design for a family of three persons

The object of design is an apartment in a multi-storey building in which you want to create a minimalist-style interior design with Scandinavian elements. Nowadays, Customers often order such a design, and it is in demand on the market, and many architectural studios offer it as the most versatile of modern styles. However, not always the vision of the customer coincides with the vision of the designer – there is a certain moment of subjective perception of styles and directions. However, in this case everything turned out perfectly and the client’s vision completely coincided with the vision of the designers of our architectural company. Over the years, we have been able to grind our work methods to achieve the effect quickly and with maximum impact.

The house where the design object is located in the elite district of Kiev. In fact, it does not have apartments without interior design, because the aesthetic pleasure of staying in a design-created room cannot be compared to even the best design-free space – so gradually the customers are increasingly aware of the need to create design solutions – conceptual and ergonomic, beautiful and stylish, rational and relatively easy to implement. Therefore, Scandinavian interior design logically entered the Ukrainian market of architectural services and retains a natural leadership on it.

In this apartment, based on its small initial area, it was decided to create such an interior design to maximize the effect of increasing the apartment. So we used different techniques, and the design object after the completion of all design work and visualization achieved a harmoniously spacious appearance.

In small rooms, the universal recipe is to combine different areas into one, such as the entrance area and living rooms, kitchens and living rooms, living rooms and bedrooms and more. However, what exactly cannot be saved is in the quality of bathrooms. So we started with them while keeping to the restrained colors, but taking the plumbing of quality world brands.

The client’s wife took part in the decoration of other parts of the apartment. So, we can say that this object of design is a synthesis of joint design decisions.

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Total area: 34.5 Sq.


Design Area: 33.4 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 1 .


Number of bathrooms: 1 .


Design year: 2017 .


New design in a new interior vision

New design in a new vision of the interior is always a new world of the Client and a new interpretation of the available space.

A new design in a new interior vision is always a challenge. This is especially the case when it comes to the specific tastes and views of the Client on how the interior of the apartment should look. Especially if he already has the experience of self-realization of objects.

The apartment is located on one of the last floors of the high-rise building of the same building area. This means that it is conceptually important to give the room as many natural textures and colors as possible. So, delving into the details of conversations with Clients and discussing future wishes regarding the design of the apartment, we came to a common denominator. It was decided that the best thing to do based on the concept of natural is the best that can happen to us. We called the concept of combining colors and materials in this particular design solution the phrase “Scandinavian Forest”. Being in this “forest” among the most striking manifestations of civilization, the apartment dweller will recover psychologically, morally and physically. In general, the Scandinavian style is popular now, but we managed to distinguish our project from the new projects of our competitors.

A characteristic feature of this design is that we have been executing it in one of the new areas – the design of apartments for long-term lease. We started to develop this trend not too long ago, but we have completed several projects on it. So we already have some experience that allows us to bring a new design of the room expensive in appearance, but of economical, but quality materials.

We work all over Ukraine and beyond, this facility is located in the capital of our country. It is clear that with so much demand in the market, we must distance ourselves from more individualistic wishes and think larger, though this is not easy to do. The initial concept discussed with the Client clearly entered the new design and we got a better-than-expected result.

Having completed the visualization, it remains to develop a series of working drawings for builders. In this case, the Clients made the choice to carry out the construction control of the object on their own, so our task was to focus as precisely as possible on the detail of the drawings, the preparation of specifications and so on.

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Total Area: 39.17 Sq.


Design Area: 37.25 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 1 .


Number of bathrooms: 1 .


Design year: 2016 .


Reconstruction project for the completion of a single-family residential building in Lviv

The project of reconstruction of a single-family house.

The house (one-storey with attic) is located in the formed environment of a block of low-rise residential buildings.
The complex configuration of the premises and their small space made the young family reach out to us.
The reconstruction project envisages the improvement of living and sanitary conditions of the house by arranging an extension on the north side with a further 2-level superstructure (full and attic), for which it proposed to dismantle the attic over the existing living rooms. Exit to the upper levels carried out on the inner staircase.
The project proposes to arrange a tambour, boiler room, stairwell lounge, bathroom and garage on the first level (in the volume of completion). On the 2-nd level – kitchen-living-dining room, hallway, 2 bedrooms, bathroom and wardrobe, on the 3rd attic level – corridor, study and recreation terrace overlooking the city panorama.
The construction is a wooden frame (to reduce the load on the foundations).
Finishing of walls carried out by a wooden lining, the plinth – by a natural stone, chimneys – by a clinker tile.



Plot area: 0.0174 ha.

House Area: 41.2 sqm (before renovation), 168.89 sqm (after reconstruction).

Overall dimensions: 12.15 x 6.77

Floors: 3 (Upgrade – 1)

Bedrooms: 3 (Upgrade – 1)

Garage: on 1 car

Design Year: 2015


The project of an apartment building and its facade

The project of an apartment building and its facade is a challenge for our whole team to work quickly and efficiently and to design a harmonious environment with a colorful environment.

The project of an apartment building and its facade – such an order we received from the Customer, who appreciates the speed of work, accuracy and timeliness. Having studied the tastes and views of the Client, we made a decision to solve the facade of the house in some neutral, but active and actual color. Probably, this is the only project in which the beginning of work went from appearance and appearance. After all, in case of insertion a new project of an apartment building and its facade into a dense of surrounding buildings we have to take into account such a large number of factors in order to achieve a harmonious appearance that the appearance of the house became the primary task.

The stage of planning apartments took quite some time, because in an apartment building the task of the architect is to draw up the optimal layout of the room, and further – already a matter of engineering. Therefore, apartment buildings are both harder and easier at the same time.

A special solution was to put through windows on the corners of the house. This affected both the facade of the house and improved the existing layout of the apartments. Therefore, our new project of an apartment building and its facade became a functionally planning optimal decision, based on the stock of available construction and wishes of the Customer. By the way, about the Customer – this legal entity has built more than a dozen buildings, so it can be named an expert in construction and architectural affairs. Of course, when you work with Customers who know some things better than you do, you learn and grow on the project. It was an interesting and non-trivial experience for us. In it, we not only coped with the tasks of designing and further interior design, but also learned relevant things about the trends of the market situation.

Today, in our new apartment building project, people are already living and designing apartments according to our sketches. We are glad that in this order we managed to combine the optimum appearance of the house together with the interesting interior layout of the apartments.
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Plot area: 0.45 ha.


House Area: 425 Sq.


Floors: 4 .


Garages: 3 .


Design year: 2016 .


Conceptual project “House in the mountains”

House in the mountains is a conceptual design of a house over a cliff near a lake in a mountainous area.

The house in the mountains is divided into 3 blocks: – working and recreational area (study, meeting room, rest room) – bedroom (all bedrooms) – common use (living room, kitchen, dining room).

We tried to maximize the realization of all possible wishes of the Customer and even surpass them, while providing the maximum convenience and functionality of the project, together with the comfort and home.

The project is interesting and from the point of view of our chosen location, we deliberately chose the most difficult variant of the relief, which combines the picturesque and at the same time is difficult from the point of view of design.

The project of the house in the mountains also includes the installation of indoor and outdoor pools with unparalleled views.

From the bedroom window also opens a magnificent mountain landscape and in order to use this, we have designed a large panoramic window, which will allow you to enjoy the view of the beautiful surrounding nature.

There is also a cozy patio with a cozy place by the fire, where you can warm up in the cold evenings, drink coffee and daydream while viewing the beautiful starry sky

If you are concerned with the question “Who could design for us a comfortable and cozy house in the mountains?” Constructive is happy to help you solve it. For us, the Client is our main partner.

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Plot area: 0.7 ha.


House Area: 728 Sqm


Living Space: 204 Sq.


Terrace area: 188 Sq.


Overall dimensions: 30.24 x 36.96 Sq.


Surface: 1 + plinth .


Number of bedrooms: 4 .


Garage: Separate for 2 cars + canopy for 2 cars


Design year: 2017 .


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