The question of employment is of a great importance for every adult. When people hang-out together during leisure time, they often discuss not just some ordinary stuff like the bosses personality, salary levels or their collective in general – but also the prospects for the future – trying to predict for what’s waiting for them in the years to come. In our company you would have an ability to constantly, steadily grow as a professional. For our new employees we offer interesting and challenging tasks, friendly co-workers, engaging business trips, leisure-day excursions with coworkers and other various benefits.

Remember that the true growth of individuals through their professional career is a process that lasts for years. Great rewards will be reaped for your growth – people’s gratitude and praise, financial stability, confidence in one’s future.

Lets head to the future together, with you as a part of our team at Constructive!

Requirements: higher education, 1 year work experience.

Responsibilities:Modeling, drawing, or calculating prefabricated structures in special software for documentation.
Working conditions: full-time, trainings and career development.
If you are smart, wel-thinking, have knowledge and love your profession, ready to learn and constantly grow – we will gladly take you to our team) We have the best staff from all over Ukraine, we develop professionally and constantly grow.
Salary: according to your skills.
We are looking for creative, positive, optimistic, stress-resistant people. If you are looking for a job or thinking about changing it, this is the chance for you! )
Email us your portfolio, CV and job feedback.

Requirements: higher education, creativity, responsibility.

Work requirements: Knowledge of specialized programs. Desire to learn, commitment. Motivation to create new solutions and approaches, a sense of color and spatial composition.
Working conditions: full-time, objects inspections.
Responsibilities: Diligence, responsibility, desire and ability to learn.
Email us your portfolio, CV and job feedback.