Архітектурний проект сучасного житлового будинку у Київській обл.

Architectural Design of One-Family House in Dolyna, Kyiv Region

Baseline: Architectural design was carried out on an 18-hundred-square-foot plot, in green, with relatively straight terrain.

Customer’s Wishes: Create a compact, space-filled, living space with kitchen, living room, large windows for maximum green viewing beautiful landscapes, three bedrooms, study, rest and work areas, two-car garage.

Concept: At the request of the customers, the building should be modern in style and blend in with the green environment. Therefore, in order to combine the adjoining space with the surrounding, it was decided to create a recreation area within the ground floor. ЇЇ placed under cover so that weather can be spent in any weather. To give this space a certain element of privacy and hide it from the outside eye, it was decided to install decorative concrete partitions of asymmetrical shapes that delicately fit into the structure of the house.

The entrance to the house is near the rest area, under cover. Immediately at the entrance there are technical rooms and a dressing room through which you can get into the garage. The garage is designed for two cars, but at its rear wall behind the sliding panels there is an area for placement of garden equipment. Sliding these panels together puts another car lengthwise in the garage – this is convenient when, for example, there is a need to leave the guests’ cars in the garage for a longer period.

Ascending the stairs, the visitor enters the hall. To his right is a small library with access to his office – you can work in a peaceful environment, walk, think, in a word – set your mind in a calm and productive way.

On the left is a living room with an island kitchen. The large living room windows offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. It, as well as the outdoor area outside, has a fireplace that adds comfort and warmth.

After walking through a small hallway across the study, you can get into the bedroom of the residents, two children with small terraces in each and a spacious master bedroom. For the housewife, who is a fashion model, has a special cosmetic mini-cabinet with transparent partitions.

This project is a good example of the compactness and harmonious combination of all necessary spaces. There is no excess chic here and at the same time a clear design structure. A combination of work and recreation areas and a harmonious merger with the exterior are also successful.

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Plot area :: 0.17 ha.

House Area: 243 Sqm.

Floors: 1 + 1 .

Number of bedrooms: 3 .

Garage: for 2 cars.

Design year: 2011 .


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