Design of a cafe in the city of Lion


Cafe Design in Lion City


The design of modern restaurants, bars and cafes is very diverse. In order to attract customers, institutions place great emphasis not only on the menu but also on the interior design. The variety of styles and trends allows you to add a highlight, stand out from the competition. Simplicity and accuracy, clarity of composition and conciseness are all minimalism – a direction in which there are no repetitions, where the correctness of geometric forms is taken as a basis. Visiting a minimalist restaurant, you probably won’t see traditional art materials. It combines natural and industrial with the colors black and white.

Style features.

Minimalism symbolizes freedom. You can see it in pristine form in establishments that follow the Japanese theme: very little furniture, a lot of space and graphic. Here, the combination of light and shadows plays out surprisingly well. Japanese culture has given Western simplicity of form, openness of space and functionality. Despite its youth, minimalism has been successfully competing with trends that have long dictated fashion: loft, hi-tech. And it’s becoming more and more popular, especially in the youth community.

However, the simplicity of minimalism is misleading. This style always strives for perfection, so when choosing it for interior design of restaurants and cafes, you should consider the following:
1. Limited furniture, décor and accessories – guests should feel free space. In this case, the lines and shapes are simple, without punts;
2. Space Zoning – To separate the bar area from the dining area, you need to use multi-level lighting, glass or fabric partitions; 3. Color palette – mostly light shades, but it is better to use halftones, graphically emphasizing them in gray or black. Raw materials like metal, glass, wood, bricks will be a great complement;
4. Geometry (square, circle, rectangle, straight line) – there are no strong curves, curls and spirals in the design.

The materials used in the decoration of the premises must be natural. Even some rudeness is welcome. This can be a relief plaster, a raw tree, a stone, or a brick. Traditional wallpapers are completely excluded. They can be replaced with a special series for painting. This will give you a lively, uncluttered interior. The cork walls will look original. Recently, it has become increasingly popular, creating a cozy atmosphere in rooms, decorated in a concise style.

When designing this cafe design, we competently divided the space into zones using double glazing. Also, with their help, we were able to multiply by zero those places that opened a not very nice view from the window. Also, to personalize our cafe design, we put emphasis on landscaping while working. In particular, we would like to highlight the green wall and the lounge area, which we abundantly planted with lush grass. The design of the cafe came out really cozy, where customers can feel at home.

If you do not have a good night’s sleep who might develop an interesting and original design for a cafe, restaurant, or holiday complex, we’ll be happy to help you with this.

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Total Area: 100 Sqm


Design Area: 100 Sqm


Number of living rooms: .


Number of bathrooms: 1 .


Design year: 2019 .


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