Scandinavian minimalist apartment interior design

Scandinavian minimalist interior design.

Our next project is the interior design of an apartment in the style of Scandinavian minimalism. Scandinavian minimalism is a very interesting direction. It is now one of the most popular in interior design. Bright tones and simplicity, comfort and versatility, space and convergence with nature all the more attract owners of apartments and houses.

Minimalism in the interior is characterized by:

1. Clear geometric shapes;
2. Restrained color scheme;
3. The simplicity of natural materials;
4. Large windows;
5. Free space created by built-in and functional furniture and room combinations;
6. Hidden light sources.

This style emphasizes the restrained nature of the Scandinavians, who are characterized by tranquility, some coldness in the interior and closeness to nature.

Scandinavian Minimalist Highlights

Nowadays, this style is divided into two directions. The former refers to a long-standing style that has come to us from centuries past when it was often used in and interior of Swedish homes. It gives the room austerity, restraint and prosperity. In a different direction, a style with a modern, multi-functional space has evolved. It is characterized by wide and open layout, plenty of light, lack of ancient furniture and decor.

Basic rules and techniques for designing Scandinavian minimalist interior design:

1. Use of natural materials: trees and stones. The floor surface should be covered with parquet board or the simplest tile.
2. Scandinavian minimalist furniture is characterized by simplicity and comfort. They must be made of natural material.
3. Light warm colors with bright textiles. The upholstery should also be made of natural fabrics: linen or cotton.
4. A small stove or fireplace fits in well with Scandinavian style.
5. The decoration uses wooden objects, ceramics, glassware accessories.

The interior of the Scandinavian style should be made of natural materials that are not burdened with unnecessary details. The décor can be decorated with vibrant colors that will not catch your eye and distract from the mainstream.

I would like to point out that we did a thorough redevelopment in the project, which made it more functional, comfortable and cozy. Our clients love the light colors in which we have designed most of the interiors. Also in some rooms we added some notes of black. The decor used original wallpapers custom made by our customers.

If you do not have a good night’s sleep: “Who to contact for designing interesting and original designs?”, we will help you solve this problem.

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Total Area: 180 Sqm


Design Area: 180 Sqm


Number of living rooms: 9 .


Number of bathrooms: 3 .


Design year: 2019 .


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