Apartment design in Lviv (eclectic + loft + mini)


Apartment Design in Lviv (eclectic + loft + mini)


Get acquainted with our new project: Apartment Design in Lviv. The interior of this cozy apartment is dominated by modern eclecticism. It opens up many new opportunities for designers. With a competent approach to the task, its implementation in the interior, house or apartment are exclusive, completely unique and individual in nature, if you combine no more than two or three stylistic directions. Eclecticism is often manifested in the displacement of close styles that do not contradict each other: classicism and empire, baroque and modern. Its highlight is that it can perfectly combine the old and the new, the western and the eastern. These experiments are a combination of ethnic style with art deco and hi-tech.

Apartment design in Lviv. The main features of eclecticism:

– different stylistic elements should be combined with texture, color and a common design solution;
– comfort and functionality, expressed in combination of modern objects with elements of past eras; use of furniture such as stripes, zigzags, circles;
– patterned wall-paper, carved tile on walls, parquet, drapery on windows and door openings;
– vertical lines, niches, rounded corners;
– oriental rugs and carpets, decorative pillows of rich color range;
– decorative details that combine different objects in the interior.

Apartment design in Lviv. How to create an eclectic style interior?

Eclecticism is chosen by people with independent views. If you are creative, love to travel, love rare things, then this style is for you.

Furniture in different styles

In an eclectic interior, furniture can play a major role and fill the surrounding space with background items. Sofas and armchairs are sure to be comfortable and large enough.


Eclecticism as a style emphasized on the use of pure natural colors. Their range depends on your tastes, but do not forget that it should combine all the elements of the interior. The colors in an eclectic room can be bright and pastel, but not dull and dull.

Walls and floors

As a rule, flooring in eclectic interiors is parquet or tile, which can be a decoration for walls or some of its sections. Most often, these are motifs of oriental ornaments.


It can be anything you like: paintings, photo prints, vases, decorative frames, lamps with fancy lampshades. You need to combine them with other interior items, based on the contrast of materials and textures. For example, the silky or velvety texture of textiles can be visually accentuated by the metallic luster of the chrome base of a table lamp. Developing this apartment design in Lviv, we are not limited to eclecticism. Yes, the interior of the living room is loft-style, and the bedroom has a distinct minimalism.

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Total Area: 91.44 Sqm


Design Area: 80.69 Sqm


Number of living rooms: 4 .


Number of bathrooms: 1 .


Design year: 2019 .


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