Design of the children’s center City of Professions in Lviv


Design of the children’s center City of Professions in Lviv

When designing the children’s center, we were guided by the fact that this is a kind of city of professions, where children can feel like adults. Here they can get a job. First they will have to make a difficult choice, who do they want to work for? And there is something to choose from. The design of the children’s center is designed so that in the City of Professions you can become police officers, doctors, firefighters, waiters, laboratory technicians, builders, car mechanics, salesmen, farmers, bankers and even teachers. For their work, children receive a salary, and if the money is katma, you can take a loan from a bank (they will also be explained that the borrowed money will later have to pay). When children commit offenses, community service will be waiting for them. The aim of the project is to give them the opportunity to express themselves in various fields, gaining the fullest possible understanding of existing professions, to understand and feel the economic and legal foundations on which the life of modern society is based.

Top features of the City of Professions

Also, planning the design of the children’s center, we have developed a room where kids can celebrate festive events: the room of little princesses (girls), pirates (boys), Oscars (girls + boys) . AK Constructive, of course, could not forget about adults. The design of the children’s center suggests that they can also have a great time in a separate room. But everything in the City of Professions revolves around children. Here, little firefighters rush to the call, police patrol, nurses rush to the ambulance to the patient, midwives give birth, at each game station is busy.

Children will be able to get acquainted live with one or another profession, because work close to real conditions is not at all like watching the actions of police or doctors on the Internet. It is not only useful but also informative. Another advantage of this children’s center design is that kids can try themselves in several different professions at the same time.
It is possible that many of the children will decide on their future here.

It is important that children in the City of Professions be able to understand and experience the economic and legal foundations on which modern society is based. If you do not know where to go in Lviv with children, where to order a children’s birthday – come to the City of Professions. The children will love it one hundred percent. We believe that everyone will be able to choose a job that they like, and therefore – will have a good time.

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Total area: 1020 sq. m.


Design area: 1000 sq. m.


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