The interior design of the apartment in minimalistic style


Minimalist style apartment interior design

Apartment interior design. A minimalist style in an interior is a design characterized by restraint and rigor in design. It is achieved primarily through the use of functional interiors, geometric shapes, and the combination of two basic colors. It is very important when properly decorating the room to properly divide the space. Technical materials are widely used for interior design. They are usually compact, black or gray in color and have a strict geometric shape. One chooses directions such as Japanese or Scandinavian minimalism, based on one’s own beliefs, for someone this is the only way to make good use of the space available.

The main features of this area:

  • 1. Modern minimalist-style interior design provides plenty of space, so it is advisable to get rid of unnecessary partitions in the room;
  • 2. Massive windows are needed to saturate the room with enough light;
  • 3. The color is achieved by playing a halftone. The most common choice: white in combination with black or graphic gray;
  • 4. Materials: chrome steel, glass, plastic, ceramics, artificial and natural stone, textured wood;
  • 5. The minimalist style table, sofa, furniture and chandeliers have a simple geometric shape. The forms allow for a slight bend, but not a spiral;
  • 6. There are no fancy decor and ornaments. Walls can be decorated with a couple of minimalist-style paintings;
  • 7. The design is characterized by flat reflective surfaces. Each piece of furniture has clearly adjusted proportions and color;
  • 8. The lighting is scattered. Neon or halogen lamps are used.

The minimalist room’s interior is perfect for those who are tired of all sorts of punts and strive for elegant simplicity. To do this, give up decor and non-functional details. The room is dominated by spaciousness and plenty of light.

The interior design of the apartment is minimalist.

This style in the interior tends to be streamlined and large, while being cozy and attractive. You should think about what furniture you can pick up so you don’t sacrifice comfort. You need to select multiple items, multiple items of a simple, concise form. Only functional objects should be stored on the table and surfaces. If you carefully select all the details of the interior and décor, a room with a lot of space and light.

Following the principle of “better is less and better”, you should get rid of the objects that push and distract. For the interior will ideally fit minimalism in furniture. For example, an invisible closet that can be built into a wall. As a rule, it has no back wall and its shelves are attached to the wall. Great for cabinets and furniture to blend into the ceiling and walls, creating a sense of space. When choosing furniture you should not forget that personal belongings should be out of sight. Therefore, shelves and shelves should be picked up and the sofa should be cleaned.

In this project, we were primarily trying to use the entire available area of ​​the apartment. Yes, we managed to make a functional corridor that was idle before. Also, thanks to the partition, customers have got another common place. This apartment has an original game of black and white colors. Before working on the design, clients noted that the main issue for them would be the issue of maximum comfort. We are pleased to note that we have succeeded in achieving this goal. You can now get away from all the mundane problems in this apartment and just enjoy life.

If you do not have a good night’s sleep: “Who to turn to for interesting and original design?”, we will help you solve this problem, because the Client is our main partner.

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Total Area: 80 Sqm


Design Area: 80 Sqm


Number of living rooms: 4 .


Number of bathrooms: 1 .

Design year: 2019 .


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