Contemporary apartment design

Contemporary apartment interior design

Our new brainchild is the interior design of a modern apartment. The modern style for a comfortable life is precisely this definition that most accurately conveys the essence of the style of contemporary art. It originated in the 60’s of the twentieth century on the basis of Scandinavian style with the purpose of production of furniture and household items, which would be distinguished by convenience, accessibility and functionality.

Furniture designers of that time were guided by the idea of ​​creating high-quality items with high technical characteristics, but with a touch of elegance. And at a time when affluent people in the interiors of their homes adhered to traditional, sometimes pathetic canons, the majority were forced to adapt small apartments to the modern lifestyle. Moreover, the use of expressive décor and unusual details made it possible to make the home more cozy, even in minimalist interiors or hi-tech.

Contemporary style features:

Brightness and concise planning, as well as simplicity in design;

Integrity and comfort, obvious functionality and availability of furniture. Anyone can create the interior of the interior, and you only need to show good taste in the desire to embody the atmosphere of comfort;

Functional zoning of the room, which is combined with ease of arrangement of elements of a furnish;
Smooth surfaces of clear forms, proportional lines. They are a necessary backdrop for interior decoration;

Interior accessories are small but often ethnic and classic;

The presence of built-in and modular storage furniture with many compartments, drawers and shelves.

Contemporary style interior materials:

Artificial materials, such as glass, laminate, metal, artificial stone, plastic, are most commonly used in interior design. Of course, no one has abolished the use of natural materials, provided they are reliable, well-processed and environmentally friendly.

Speaking of wall decoration, they are often either painted or glued with unobtrusive wallpaper. In the designs of the ceiling is often used plasterboard, which is inserted into the backlight, and the floors are covered with tiles or laminate, which is well proven in the kitchen, or in the bathroom or hallway with a living room. In a word, the interior design of the apartment in the style of the furnishings does not have the kind of materials that you would not be able to buy in a regular construction hypermarket.

Styles, trends, colors change, but black and white remain eternal. This is not our first project in an achromatic solution, because in such an interior, every client can be a little designer and add color accents to his taste. True, there are a few highlights that are now trending: kitchen wallpapers in black and white, soft panels at the head of the bed in the bedroom, a large and comfortable sofa in the living room.

If you do not have a good night’s sleep: “Who to turn to for interesting and original design?”, we will help you to solve this problem, because the Client is our main partner.

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Total Area: 64.8 Sq.


Design Area: 64.8 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 2 .


Number of bathrooms: 2 .


Design year: 2017 .


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