Minimalist style apartment interior design with a touch of loft (Lviv)

A minimalist apartment interior design project with a touch of loft.

The minimalist interior design project involves a small amount of details, décor, colors and objects. If you think that this style in the interior is associated with an ascetic lifestyle or financial problems, this is not true. Customers who rely on this style love the space, functionality and clear organization of the space.

Key Style Features:

The minimalist-style interior design requires as much free space as possible. This solution is usually achieved through the removal of partitions, replacement of interior doors on arches, enlarging window openings, creating many light sources in two-story premises.

Symmetrical, clear and proportional lines. The furniture is modern, regular in shape, spacious, folding and multifunctional. Sometimes designers prefer asymmetrical furniture. The furniture is arranged to occupy as little space as possible.
A well-lit room that uses no more than three color options. The most popular are white, gray, black, beige and silver. They can often be complemented by one bright color: green, yellow, red.

Minimalism in apartment interiors remains steadily popular, despite the fact that there are many new highlights now. He manages to survive in the modern world thanks to the fact that there is always a category of people who do not want to pursue fashion, preferring a simple environment. Another factor in the popularity of minimalism is the rapid rhythm of the modern big city, overloaded with large-scale developments, advertising signs and constant chaos.

Living in these conditions, you want to come home to finally feel free to take a break from the small and annoying details. A relaxed and comfortable environment helps you relax, get a good night’s sleep and gain strength. Classic minimalism in the interior will appeal to those who can’t stand the mess. This style is the best solution for perfectionists. The minimalist apartment is very easy to clean, to create strict proportions of objects and concise combinations.

Notes of the Loft

Loft notes are also felt in this project. It is one of the most popular contemporary styles in interior design. His slogan can be summarized as: “Minimum partitions and maximum fresh air”. The word “loft” is translated from English as “loft” or “apartment above”. The loft-style room is made up of details: the furniture is as simple and functional as possible, the color is predominantly cool, the large windows and the almost complete lack of decor.

Loft chips are all sorts of non-standard accessories: graffiti, posters, abstractions. This style is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the light and space in their home. Our main objective in this project was to optimize the use of the area. So that clients maximally use the entire space of a two-level apartment. It is noteworthy that our customers love the color black. That is why many interiors are designed in a dark range. Here we managed to make a new home plan, almost without touching the old one. The minimalist apartment interior design project with a touch of loft is one of our most successful projects.

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Total Area: 83 Sq.


Design Area: 83 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 4 .


Number of bathrooms: 1 .


Design year: 2019 .


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