Дизайн котеджу в стилі лофт

Loft Style Cottage Design

Loft-style cottage design is a new project from Constructive. The atmosphere of freedom, youth, abandonment of pomp and adornment are all Loft, perhaps the least expensive in creation, a little rebellious and bohemian style, whose name, “Loft” – translates as “Attic”, which quite accurately convey his mood. This trend appeared in the mid-twentieth century in the United States, when, due to the rise in price of land in New York, the factory owners were forced to move production to the outskirts. The premises that vacated warehouses, workshops and factories began to boom over the bohemians, and later ordinary people.

LOFT Features in the Interior

1) The finish is rough or absent. Brick walls, concrete with traces of formwork, painted walls, rough, sometimes plastered;

2) Structural elements and engineering communications such as beams, metal columns, trusses, ventilation pipes, water and sewer systems do not lurk, but rather serve as a means of expression;

3) Decorative elements are non-standard items that should entertain guests and attract attention: road signs, hammocks, swings, unusual lamps and contemporary sculptures;

4) Upholstered furniture that creates associations with production and workshop, worn out old simple-form furniture will also be very appropriate here;

5) Loft design is most often used in the design of a one-bedroom apartment – here they abandon the usual partitions, the room is divided into zones by screens, furniture or colored partitions. This makes the room look more spacious;

6. Windows are large, often stained glass, sometimes reminiscent of factory ones.

The colors, finishes, furniture and decor used in the Loft

Colors. Loft-style interiors typically use dull, faded, rough, factory colors. White, black, shades of gray and brown are often associated with production, structure.

Wall, ceiling and floor finishes. The style interior uses brick, not repainted or partially repainted. Rough concrete with formwork or smooth concrete with specific divorces and stains. Old, erased, unpainted wood floors. In general, the interior should look slightly careless, unfinished, with traces of use. According to this style, we have to find the beauty in the features of a dilapidated, even abandoned, new life-breathing structure, uncovered structures that often hang from the ceiling.

The furniture and décor should be a little rough and rough. No clams, laces or classic sophistication. If it looks like it was bought at the nearest junk sale or made from improvised materials, this is what you need. But new minimalist furniture will also suit this style if they are sufficiently restrained and decorated in the right color scheme. You also need to devote enough time to interior details when designing a loft. There is often a bizarre mix of old and new things, each with its own style, but all in one spirit and in color.

Free space. It is possible to recreate the spirit of the loft in any apartment or house, whatever the planning, but one of these features is the most spacious planning and the minimum partitions.

We also used these principles when designing a Loft-style cottage for the Client.

If you do not have a good night’s sleep: “Who could do Loft Cottage Design?”, we can help you solve this problem, as the Client is our main partner.

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