Design project of a two-level apartment in Lviv

Two-level apartment design project in Lviv

A two-level apartment design project in Lviv for a young family of three we decided to embody conceptually and make something very cool, since younger people have their vision and often it is advanced in the market and more progressive than usual design decisions and standard architectural projects. When placing an order and before working on the design, we have identified the tastes of the customer and the style in which they designed our design project. Our design project of the apartment was minimalistic in combination with Scandinavian elements.

The two-level apartment is dominated by open space with rational use of the available space. As our Clients enjoy receiving guests and spending their time with them, we decided to leave the space fully open. The kitchen with a secluded area for eating is seamlessly flowing into the large living room with an open passage to the hallway and hallway area. The décor uses light tones – mostly white and light shades of gray.
The bathrooms are also made with a minimalistic mood, but with the inclusion of natural elements, in particular, the first floor bathroom has a widely used texture and color of light wood. The second floor bathroom is made in the same light white and gray range, which generally prevails in design. There is also a laundry room and a large dressing room in the interior.

For work of Clients, who sometimes work at home, a separate office is provided. Also interesting is the decision to arrange a small rest room on the balcony. There is also a convenient cabinet-rack, on which you can place a large number of various books, magazines and other materials and soft frameless furniture, and the view, through a large window, offers a nice view of the surrounding space.
The children’s room and master bedroom are located on the second floor and are made in a single quiet range – the same that prevails in most rooms of the apartment.

In general, the design of the two-level apartment was thoughtful, stylish and surprisingly calm – just as our Clients wished.

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Design year: 2017 .


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