Interior design project in black and white achromatic solution

The interior design project is a black-and-white restrained solution of all apartments with minimalist decoration.

The client who turned to our architectural design studio for an interior design project had a sophisticated and sophisticated taste. This apartment is located in the cottage residential development of a cozy area of low-rise city. Its convenient planning is complemented by a garage from which you can get directly into the apartment..

The aromatic range in the interior is a new trend of fashion among modern apartment design. Within a year or two, all colors have the ability to bother in the interior, while the black and white solution is not boring and leaves room for fantasy.

How will you feel in such colors? Cold or warm, calm or active, fun or sad – we had to answer all these questions many times … However, the result exceeded expectations! At the first presentation, the client liked the design of the interior design. Of course, we are used to this effect, but there is still some doubt and experience until we get the finished product.

The interior was filled gradually as the works were completed. To do this, we make a logistic plan and go for it, launching sequentially parallel processes. This method saves time for the implementation of the interior project up to 29-38%, and the design of the interior project is even better than planned – due to careful copyright supervision (construction control). Some architectural projects can be implemented here.

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We paid special attention to furniture in the interior. The slim-footed furniture emphasizes the lightness of the interior, while the room itself looks larger. You can also influence the perception of proportions of space, vary the size of residential areas, change the distribution of the area within one zone. In addition, the proportions are influenced by the size of the door, as well as the number and texture of vertical fabrics. The use of diode lighting in the interior gives a lot of light (with the possibility of its accentuation in the right places) and at the same time it is very economical in terms of energy costs.

Thus, the design interior design, created by the architectural company “Constructive”, meets all the wishes of the Client and was modern and economical.



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