Reception design in minimalistic style

Reception Design in Minimalist Style.

Our new project is a minimalist-style reception design. Neutral colors, lack of unnecessary décor and ergonomics are the main features of a minimalist office or reception. It is easy to breathe and enjoy in this room. The color scheme of the finish is calm and restrained. The interior is usually used in beige, ivory, gray and similar shades. The furniture is selected in the same neutral palette, but a few tones darker. For example, light gray walls are perfectly combined with black furniture, and beige is perfectly in harmony with natural wood. Finishing materials are as concise and simple. It’s metal, wood, concrete, leather, plastic and bricks that, when combined with one another, make the room extremely comfortable.

Line rigidity is also a must for office furniture. They should be space-saving, functional and comfortable at the same time. These are geometric tables with technology extensions, sleek cabinets, roomy racks, comfortable chairs and chairs with ergonomic backs. When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to models with anti-glare, which will allow employees and customers to be less tired. The leather and leatherette used in furniture manufacturing looks and is simple and easy to operate, an important part of the space that is so often visited.

The minimalist-style reception allows you to redevelop the space at any time. Partitions are used for this purpose. However, you should not forget that the minimalist interior will be incomplete without proper lighting. Sunlight should be used as much as possible. This is why strict blinds should be used to help regulate the brightness of the sun’s rays. Chandeliers and lamps should be of a strict geometric shape, such as a cube or a ball. Very impressive models of luminaires, which consist of two contrasting colors.

Any interior of the room will be incomplete without accessories. And minimalist style reception is no exception. However, the number of accessories is kept to a minimum. Abstract wall paintings, geometric sculptures made of glass, plastic, metal or wood, original watches that emphasize the status of the owner. The rigidity of the lines is softened by the green plants that stand on the windowsills and the floor.

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Design Year: 2018 .


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