Design project of a country house in a minimalist style

Design project of a country house in the style of minimalism

НOur country house design project uses black and gray colors that have a strict geometric shape. The minimalist style of the rooms is perfect for those who are tired of all the punts and want simplicity. Also, this design project of a country house contains a few notes of the loft – one of the favorite styles of modern youth. There is nothing superfluous in it. Only those items and devices that the owner intends to use in everyday life. The minimalist-style rooms are spacious. They also never lack sunlight.

Our design country house project uses walls lined with decorative plaster. Concrete panels are also used in the design. The smaller the principle, the better is the design of all the rooms of this house. After all, unnecessary items are uncharacteristic of the minimalist style. We tried to choose the cabinets and furniture so that they would blend in with the ceiling and walls. Due to this, a visual increase in living space was achieved. One of the chips of this project is the phytostack, which creates the effect of direct contact with nature. Also in this house you can enjoy a great game of colors. The living room design is thought out to the smallest detail. It harmoniously emphasizes open space, rigorous shapes and functionality.

If you want to have a bright and spacious room, then your choice is a minimalist style project.

If you are concerned about the question “Who could design a country house project for us?” We are happy to assist you, because the Client is our main partner.

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Total area: 286,66 Sq.


Design Area: 122.70 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 4 .


Number of bathrooms: 2 .


Design Year: 2018 .


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