Loft-style country house project

The style of the loft adapted to the design of a country house.

We bring to your attention our new work – the project of a country house in the style of Loft. Loft is one of the most popular contemporary interior design styles. The motto of which can be summarized as: “Minimum partitions and maximum fresh air.” The word “loft” is translated from English as “loft” or “apartment above”. The idea of using abandoned factories, warehouses, workshops and manufactories for housing is not at all new. Its roots date back to the 1940s and are of American origin.

The basic concept of style is the layout of different architectural solutions. For example, a harmonious blend of the old (brick walls, stairs, pipes, exposed ventilation systems, factory fixtures) and the modern (new appliances, metal, mirrors) in one interior. The basis of the room in the style of the loft consists of details: the furniture is as simple and functional as possible, the color is mostly cool shades, large windows, almost complete lack of decor. Interestingly, what is considered a disadvantage in other styles – different brick ledges, plastered walls, board floor are the highlight of the loft.

Like fish in the water feel in the interior of the loft:

1. People of the creative professions, the so-called bohemian. The fact is that in this style it is easy to equip a workshop and showroom in one area, bringing the boldest ideas to life; 2. Economical people. This style suits clients who have a limited budget. Low cost and simplicity throughout are some of the main benefits of a loft; 3. Apartment owners with free planning. Windows to the floor and huge space – the best base of style, in such a room can be turned to full; 4. Freedom-loving people who want to stand out. This description is perfect for young people, whose attraction to everything new and original will help to equip a loft-style living space in the best way. That is why it is the most popular youth style.

In designing this country house project, we intentionally used many concrete surfaces in combination with decorative plaster and dark wood. The chips of design are many different types of lighting and original chandeliers. The first baby was designed for a little boy who loves science, and the second for a girl – a little princess. The wall designs are very harmonious in the design of the house.

If you are not allowed to sleep the question: “Who could design a country house project?”, We will help you to solve this problem, because the Client is our main partner.

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Total Area: Sq.


Design Area: Sq.


Number of living rooms: 5 .


Number of bathrooms: 3 .


Design year: 2016 .


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