Individuality in minimalistic tones

Design of a single-family house in the village. Krotoshyn, Lviv region

Our new project is a loft-style house design.

Customers are creative and creative people. They love to make different decor elements for their home – so drawings of flowers on the walls, artistic abstractions and a tea table made with their own hands from a few extra stumps, designed to emphasize this feature. Such things give the house individualism and a special character.

When designing this house, we chose gray and white as the main colors for the design. We also left the original wooden ceiling in the open space on the first floor. Combined, these three colors create an amazing effect of naturalness, freedom and peace, which is actually ideal for a young family with children.


We decided to divide the open space with a sofa into three zones – a fireplace area, a cinema area and a sitting area with a small tea table in the corner, from which most of the interior is open for viewing. .

The fireplace provides comfort during windy and cloudy weather, which is quite common in our region.

We also tried our best to preserve natural light wherever possible, but allowed ourselves to adjust its intensity where necessary, because in some places it was too intense, which disturbed the atmosphere. home and privacy. Gray colors and dark furniture also help to restore the balance with the concentration of white.

The owner’s bedroom is the most minimalist space in the house. Interesting was the light effect behind the bed, which warms the gray walls, softens the background and creates a truly unusual atmosphere.

We also used a variety of graphic elements in the design that add geometric elegance to the interior and refresh it. You can find them on the pillows, the walls of the nursery, on the floors and in the entrance area.

If you work on design projects for some time, you begin to understand that loft design is almost incompatible with children. But we tried to do it and added some elements that made the interior look more fashionable. As an example, brutal concrete inserts contrast with delicate floral patterns.

At the same time, for the fireplace we used a fairly traditional combination with a brick wall. Everything is designed so that the light from the fireplace and LED elements creates a warm atmosphere in the interior and takes away the cold of concrete.

The children’s room deserves special attention. Designing a nursery is a special and fun time. You transform into a small child and try to create a fortress where you can feel calm and comfortable. And the best moment is the moment when it becomes clear that a small client likes your design and he smiles happily ^^.

If the question “Who can make an interesting and original design project for us?” keeps you awake, we will help you solve this problem, because the Client is our main partner!

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Total area: 170.6 sq. m.

Design area: 139 sq. m.

Number of living rooms: 5 .

Number of bathrooms: 2 .

Year of design: 2016 .


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