Design project of a business center in Lviv, UA


Business Center Contest for Technopark


After a thorough analysis of the current state and photo-fixing, problems were identified with the inefficient use of the site of the business center designated for the project, namely:

  • – Absence of multifunctional public space
  • – Lack of landscaping
  • – Poor organization of road and pedestrian traffic
  • – Chaotic parking

Thus, the existing problems and the competitive task formed the basis of the project concept – the three-dimensional structure of the projected multifunctional building in conjunction with the existing buildings of the Technopark aimed at the formation of quality public space oriented for pedestrian-bicycle traffic on the Fedkovycha street.

Concept elements are also:

  • – The use of two blocks to form and form a semi-open courtyard allowed the structure to be structured (public-semi-public) and to increase the light front of the facade.
  • – An open multi-level parking lot designed with ramps for one-way traffic, which optimized the planning and economic effect.
  • – Main entrance to the building and commercial premises of the 1st floor are oriented to the projected public space on the street. Fedkovich.
  • – The last level of the complex is the “highlight” of the project – there are coworking rooms, a restaurant and a spacious conference hall with an event hall. Terrace with nice city views is provided.

The three-dimensional structure of the building consists of 2 parts – 6-level open parking and 5-storey commercial unit (trade, offices), united on the upper level of the event hall with a terrace, and on the lower – horizontal communications.

The Business Center project envisages that the main entrance of the multifunctional public building, together with commercial premises (cafes, shops), is oriented towards pedestrian-bicycle transit on the street. Fedkovich with the formation of public space around. From the spacious lobby on the first level vertical communication is carried out on the levels (stairwell and 2 passenger elevators). A freight elevator with loading from the first level of the parking lot for transportation of presentation cars to the event hall was designed nearby. 2-4 floors are designed for office space. Level 5 features an event hall, restaurant and coworking space. From the event hall access to the expansive terrace. The terrace and restaurant overlook the historic city.

Parking is uploaded by ramps from the patio. One-way ramps – one for entry, the other for departure. Another ramp serves the ground level. Each level of the parking lot is connected via the main stairwell to the office space. At the end of the parking lot is an escape staircase.

Flow chart
The base of the projected building is a monolithic reinforced concrete frame with supporting columns and beams. Exterior cross columns of the parking lot, in addition to the design function, add aesthetic expressiveness.
Roof – combined, partially operated.
Exterior enclosures are a system of overhangs.

The glazing with black frames and composite panels in the system of hinged ventilated facades are used as finishing materials.
Corten Steel metal panels were used to protect the parking lot.

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Total Area: 13 250 Sq.


  • Multi-level parking: 6 850 m2
  • Offices: 3050 m2
  • Commercial space: 680 m2
  • Event Room: 625 m2

Design Year: 2016


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