Conceptual project “House in the mountains”

House in the mountains is a conceptual design of a house over a cliff near a lake in a mountainous area.

The house in the mountains is divided into 3 blocks: – working and recreational area (study, meeting room, rest room) – bedroom (all bedrooms) – common use (living room, kitchen, dining room).

We tried to maximize the realization of all possible wishes of the Customer and even surpass them, while providing the maximum convenience and functionality of the project, together with the comfort and home.

The project is interesting and from the point of view of our chosen location, we deliberately chose the most difficult variant of the relief, which combines the picturesque and at the same time is difficult from the point of view of design.

The project of the house in the mountains also includes the installation of indoor and outdoor pools with unparalleled views.

From the bedroom window also opens a magnificent mountain landscape and in order to use this, we have designed a large panoramic window, which will allow you to enjoy the view of the beautiful surrounding nature.

There is also a cozy patio with a cozy place by the fire, where you can warm up in the cold evenings, drink coffee and daydream while viewing the beautiful starry sky

If you are concerned with the question “Who could design for us a comfortable and cozy house in the mountains?” Constructive is happy to help you solve it. For us, the Client is our main partner.

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Plot area: 0.7 ha.


House Area: 728 Sqm


Living Space: 204 Sqm


Terrace area: 188 Sqm


Overall dimensions: 30.24 x 36.96 m.


Surface: 1 + plinth .


Number of bedrooms: 4 .


Garage: Separate for 2 cars + canopy for 2 cars


Design year: 2017 .


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