The maximum space with minimum limits in a project of a cottage town


Bidding project for a cottage in the format of a cottage in the village. Greater Bugayivka, Kyiv region


Is it possible to come up with a cottage project in the form of a block of flats in one day? It turns out as well as possible))
The development project is designed with a number of original design solutions that:

  • 1. All homes are individual and not only have planning features but also appearance.
  • 2. All terraces have open terraces on the front and indoor terraces designed to maximize the recreational potential of the environment.
  • 3. Despite the sufficiently high building density, the project preserves maximum privacy of each of the individual houses – this is ensured both by the presence of an internal courtyard in each house and by the features of the project which provides for the intersection of windows of different houses.
  • 4. The planning of each home is versatile in terms of the use of the home for both residential and leisure use.

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Plot area: 0.14 ha.

Total number of buildings: 8

Total area of ​​all buildings: 846,00 m2

Area of ​​one house: 105,83 m2


Floors: 2 .


Number of bedrooms: 3 .




Design year: 2014 .


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