The project of an individual house in the village. Shchyrets

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Guest house project in Irpin

Holiday house made of wooden beams is designed on a picturesque wooded area in the suburbs of Kiev. The main goal is to get a cozy space for rest during the year, while preserving the existing trees. 

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Conceptual design of a house in the mountains

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Following The object was designed by us

Social design project for long-term residential buildings

  • Comfortable accommodation in own house, without any shared spaces with other people.
  • A chance for psychological recovery for people that suffered horrors in active combat zone.
  • Despite small footprint in plan, structural volume is on the moderate side - with ceiling heights up to 3.6 meters in living rooms.
  • Strong ability for easy transportation of building’s details from production to site due to their compact sizes.
  • Rapid assembly time – up to three days
  • Possibility for mass-production
  • Modern and aesthetically-pleasing design
  • After restoration of relocated dweller’s primary home, these buildings may find a second life as a guest house, summer house or shed. Easy ability of disassembly and relocation


Due to the ongoing full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine, a great number of people had to leave their homes. An urgent need for new affordable living spaces has appeared, in which these people may live with comfort while recovering from their psychological traumas.

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Environmental psychology

Heavy stress and anxiety, that people are living in after their horrid experiences in active combat zones, may be partly relieved via smart architectural and design decisions in their new temporary homes. We call this “influence of the created environment on the individual”. A possibility to get new, own, living space and share it with loved ones will lead to psychological stabilization of the whole families.

A privilege to be alone

Sharing space with strangers in refugee camps or dormitories inadvertently leads to conflicts and arguing, and will increase chances of developing PTSD for individuals. A possibility to have own, private space for family is paramount for psychological recovery after the horrors of war.

Satisfaction of needs

American psychologist Abraham Maslow, author of the famous Maslow's hierarchy of needs, stated that having own place to live is one of the most important human security needs. Temporary compact dwellings with all comforts will satisfy this need – and as a consequence whole families will get a chance of faster recovery from horrors of war, and then, in the future, will lend their hand in the revitalization of Ukrainian state.


Usually, in the design of temporary dwellings, aesthetically-pleasing aspects are not of the primary importance – the function is the key. Nevertheless, we try to cater for each individual case by offering a variety of configurations for both interior and exterior. This approach should help to build up a perception of real, own new house for the dwellers and minimizing the looming temporary accommodation feeling.

Planning solutions

During the design phase we have analyzed the needs of relocated people. This led us to a few plan configurations. Biggest problem is the need to fit a large number of sleeping places and a hefty storage volume for belongings in a confined, limited space – so the emphasis in planning was made to satisfy these needs. To make dwellers feel comfortable in their new home we included a “studio”-type kitchen and a restroom with a bath and a washing machine.

Size XSHouse area 21.5 m2 Dimensions of DShV 7,12х4,25м4,0м See planning

Size XS - smallest house, designed to accommodate a family of 2 – 3 people. Despite its compact size, the house contains all the vital furnishing. The bed on the mezzanine may accommodate two people, third person has a bed in the studio-kitchen. Panoramic window serves as an exit to the terrace. Refrigerator is hidden under the work surface in the kitchen.

Size SHouse area 25.7 m2 Dimensions of DShV 7.21x4.25m4.0m See planning

Size S - may accommodate a family of 3 – 4 people. Two people to be accommodated on the mezzanine, others have a couch in the studio-kitchen. Small fireplace may be an extra option for this house. Kitchen is equipped with extra working surface with a bar table.

Size MHouse area 30.7 m2 Dimensions of DShV 8.66x4.25m4.0m See planning

Size M - is for a family of 4 – 5 people. This size contains additional bedroom with a mezzanine. Three people may be accommodated in this bedroom, two – on the couch in the studio-kitchen. Extra storage space for belongings is present over the restroom.

Size L House area 33.71 m2Dimensions of DShV 9.41x4.25m4.0m See planning

Size L - has similar floor plan to size M. The difference comes in the larger kitchen with more work surface for cooking. Small fireplace is included. This size is for a family of 4 – 5 people.

Size XLHouse area 43.53 m2Dimensions of DShV 12,16х4,25м4,0м See planning

Size XL - identical to size L, but with an additional bedroom and access to the terrace. The house can accommodate 5-7 people.

Size XXLHouse area 61.35 m2Dimensions of DShV 12,11х8,26м4,0м See planning

Size XXL - is suitable for a large family or for co-living of few families. It contains three bedrooms, two restrooms, large studio-kitchen and plenty of headroom for storage space. Up to 10 people may live here.


Wide variety for masterplanning

Formation of a settlement by blocking Separate accommodation on your own plot Lock two houses

Structural solution

Optimal and a cost-effective solution for the problem from structural standpoint is the use of prefabricated timber-panel frames. This simplifies and accelerates assembly process

Structure description

  • Prefabricated timber-panel structural frame
  • Foundations - reinforced concrete columns with strapping wooden beams around the perimeter.
  • Floors, roof and walls – timber frames covered with timber panels
  • Roof covering – rebate sheet or light steel sheet roofing
  • Facades – covering with rebate sheet or light steel sheet, painted OSB
  • Insulation – mineral wool, inserted into frames of floor, walls and roof. Insulation layer thickness for floor and roof – 200 mm, for walls – 150 mm.

Building’s systems

  • Water heating – electric water boiler
  • Natural ventilation
  • All pipes hidden in partition walls
  • Heating system – electric convector or wood stove

Cost of construction

Cost of construction (includes assembly, insulation, windows, doors, buildings systems, roofing, flooring, paint works, electric wiring and sockets, lamps, water boiler, heater cabinet furniture)

  • XS - 12,797 USD (21.5 m2 595 $ / m2)
  • S - 14 573 USD (25.7 m2 567 $ / m2)
  • M - 16 310 USD (30.7 m2 531 $ / m2)
  • L - 17 699 USD (33.7 m2 525 $ / m2)
  • XL - 21 379 USD (43.53 m2 491 $ / m2)
  • XXL - 28 997 USD (61.35 m2 473 $ / m2)

Costs may be decreased by 20% if mass-production is applied.

Costs are saved due to simple structural solutions, minimization of glazing and finishing material works in both interior and exterior, and single material usage for both roofing and façade works.

What exactly is included in the price

Delivery and assembly

Rapid assembly time is obtained due to the absence of massive strip foundations. Frame parts is being carried, transported and assembled using simple transport equipment and manually. Only simple tools are needed on the building site.

Difference between IsHope and other solutions

Plenty of proposals, aimed at the solving the current problems, have emerged on the market lately. Most of them are trying to cramp as many people as possible together in one spot, neglecting any comfort for dwellers.

  • Living in own house
  • Wide options for masterplanning – from individual, single house on own land to multiple blocked houses forming a neighborhood
  • Comfortable living conditions
  • Fast assembly
  • Modern design
Majoirity of other solutions
  • Living in dormitories
  • Large footprints in plan and complex building site logistics
  • Sharing facilities (kitchens, bathrooms, restrooms) with strangers causes psychological discomfort for already heavily-affected people
  • Cramped living conditions