A new look at an old cottage: reconstruction project


Cottage Project – Reconstruction and Reconstruction


Baseline: The project of a country house instead of an old one with awkward layout and an over-elevated basement floor.
Customer’s wishes: By remodeling and maximizing the planning to move the home into a residential one.
Concept: Considering the client’s wishes, we have done a complete redevelopment that has helped to bring the home to optimal ergonomic standards. Due to the new layout of the small, the size of the house managed to make a spacious two-level living room with a fireplace and an open staircase.
The facade was radically rebuilt. Increased insulation. The entrance has been moved in the opposite direction to the road.
The problem of the raised plinth has been transformed into an advantage by forming spacious terraces intended for the rest of the residents around the house.
In general, the restructuring project turned out to be very bright and much more spacious than the original country house. p>

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Plot area: 0.051 ha.


House Area: 121,7 Sqm


Floors: 2 .


Number of bedrooms: 2 .




Design year: 2013 .


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