New design in a new interior vision

New design in a new vision of the interior is always a new world of the Client and a new interpretation of the available space.

A new design in a new interior vision is always a challenge. This is especially the case when it comes to the specific tastes and views of the Client on how the interior of the apartment should look. Especially if he already has the experience of self-realization of objects.

The apartment is located on one of the last floors of the high-rise building of the same building area. This means that it is conceptually important to give the room as many natural textures and colors as possible. So, delving into the details of conversations with Clients and discussing future wishes regarding the design of the apartment, we came to a common denominator. It was decided that the best thing to do based on the concept of natural is the best that can happen to us. We called the concept of combining colors and materials in this particular design solution the phrase “Scandinavian Forest”. Being in this “forest” among the most striking manifestations of civilization, the apartment dweller will recover psychologically, morally and physically. In general, the Scandinavian style is popular now, but we managed to distinguish our project from the new projects of our competitors.

A characteristic feature of this design is that we have been executing it in one of the new areas – the design of apartments for long-term lease. We started to develop this trend not too long ago, but we have completed several projects on it. So we already have some experience that allows us to bring a new design of the room expensive in appearance, but of economical, but quality materials.

We work all over Ukraine and beyond, this facility is located in the capital of our country. It is clear that with so much demand in the market, we must distance ourselves from more individualistic wishes and think larger, though this is not easy to do. The initial concept discussed with the Client clearly entered the new design and we got a better-than-expected result.

Having completed the visualization, it remains to develop a series of working drawings for builders. In this case, the Clients made the choice to carry out the construction control of the object on their own, so our task was to focus as precisely as possible on the detail of the drawings, the preparation of specifications and so on.

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Total Area: 39.17 Sq.


Design Area: 37.25 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 1 .


Number of bathrooms: 1 .


Design year: 2016 .


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