The project of an individual house in the village. Shchyrets

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Guest house project in Irpin

Holiday house made of wooden beams is designed on a picturesque wooded area in the suburbs of Kiev. The main goal is to get a cozy space for rest during the year, while preserving the existing trees. 

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Conceptual design of a house in the mountains

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House design in a minimalist style

Our next creation is the design of a house in a minimalist style. The life of a modern big city requires constant concentration and dedication from everyone. This trend contributes to the spread of minimalist style in interior design, very simple, with concise forms and structures. With its help, you can achieve the effect of increasing the space and get rid of the crowds and stiffness that often haunt us in typical apartment boxes.

Prerequisites for minimalism can be found in the constructivism of the twentieth century. Then, with the development of new technologies and views on life, this style appeared with its own philosophy and vision of the world. Some are struck by the minimalism of sterility and soullessness of forms, others - large light volumes, logic and functionality. To some it may seem boring, and for people with a sense of moderation who can not tolerate anything extra - ideal. For most supporters of minimalism - this is the only chance to get rid of everything unnecessary and achieve mental balance. Many spears are broken about this style, but most importantly, it can not leave anyone indifferent. Getting rid of gloomy and awkward walls, furniture and unnecessary decor is a long-held dream of many of us.

The main features of the minimalist style are restraint and rigor in design. This is achieved through the use of functional interior items, geometric shapes and a combination of two basic colors. When working in this style, do not forget that the most important thing in it is a reasonable distribution of space.

Developing this design of the house in a minimalist style, we tried to bring it as close as possible to nature. That's why we avoided bright colors that would be inappropriate in perfectly chosen minimalist notes. The customer wanted to maximize the space visually. We managed to achieve this by using a lot of mirrors in the interior of the house.

This design of the house in a minimalist style has many features, and one of the main ones is the original lamps that create a sunny effect inside, even when the window is typical of Lviv weather.

If you are tired of show-offs and want to make your home truly cozy, then your choice is minimalism.

Who to turn to for the development of an interesting and original project? Apparently, you know the answer yourself, because the Client is our main partner.

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Total area: 81,12 м²

Design area: 81,12 м²

Number of living rooms: 3

Number of bathrooms: 1

Year of design: 2018

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