The project of an individual house in the village. Shchyrets

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Guest house project in Irpin

Holiday house made of wooden beams is designed on a picturesque wooded area in the suburbs of Kiev. The main goal is to get a cozy space for rest during the year, while preserving the existing trees. 

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Conceptual design of a house in the mountains

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Apartment design in Lviv

Design project of a modern apartment

Our new creation is a design project of a modern apartment in a minimalist style. This style provides the principle of minimum - a small number of details, decor, colors, objects. If you think that the style of minimalism in the interior is associated with an ascetic lifestyle or financial problems, you are very wrong. It is an attractive environment which is characterized, above all, space, functionality and clear organization of space.

Minimalism appeared in the interior in the 20-30s of last century. Its emergence was preceded by tendencies of constructivism, which involves a clear and thoughtful organization of space. Another factor that contributed to the emergence of minimalism in the interior of apartments - the end of the First World War. The production of furniture and building materials was just beginning to stand on its own two feet, so people had to manage what was at hand. From the middle of the twentieth century, architects began to arrange housing for workers, which provided functionality and simplicity. The results of their work quickly fell to the customers.

The main characteristics of minimalism:

As much free space as possible. This solution is usually achieved by dismantling partitions, replacing interior doors with arches, increasing window openings, creating many light sources in two-story apartments.

Furniture is modern, the correct form, capacious, folding and multipurpose. Sometimes designers prefer asymmetrical furniture. The furniture is arranged so that they take up as little space as possible.

Well-lit rooms with no more than three color options. The most popular are white, gray, black, beige and silver. Often they can be complemented by one bright color: green, yellow, red (in our case - it's pink).

Minimalism in the interiors of apartments remains steadily popular, despite the fact that now there are many new features. He manages to survive in modern conditions due to the fact that there is always a category of people who do not want to chase fashion, preferring the spartan environment. Another factor in the popularity of minimalism is the rapid pace of the modern big city, overloaded with large-scale buildings, advertising signs and constant chaos.

Living in such conditions, I want to come home to finally feel free, where the eye can relax from small and annoying details. Calm and comfortable atmosphere helps to relax, get a good night's sleep and gain strength. Classic minimalism in the interior will appeal to those who can not stand the mess. This style is the best solution for people who are "sick" of perfectionism. In a minimalist home it is very easy to clean, create strict proportions of items and concise combinations.

In developing this design project of a modern apartment, we used a lot of microcement and various natural materials. And although this design project of a modern apartment does not sparkle with all sorts of gimmicks, but there are details that indicate that a strong woman lives in this apartment. In particular, this is indicated by notes of pink, which we have already mentioned.

Needless to say, the space of a one-room apartment is not about convenience and functionality. It is easy to destroy this myth. Even the most modest apartment can be turned into a whole work of art. Given all the nuances of redevelopment, this mission becomes quite possible and realistic.

Раніше, господарі таких квартир навряд чи задумувались про серйозне облаштування свого дому. Нині з’явилась значна потреба в наявності місця для роботи, сну чи відпочинку. Навіть у власників популярних смартквартир, студій та інших модифікацій дизайну однокімнатної квартири.

Ergonomic room, equipped with all the functionality and details that will provide home comfort. Today it is worth talking about how to create it.

At once it is necessary to notice that there is no universal concept for registration. Working late into the evening outside the home eliminates the need for an office. But when a client is a freelancer? Then the arrangement of the working space is a necessity for good productive work.

Які рекомендації допоможуть правильно спланувати інтер’єр та з користю використати кожен квадратний метр?

Room up to 30 square meters. How to arrange the design of such a one-room apartment

Do not be afraid of small areas. You need to follow some nuances to create a perfect and unified space.

  • If partitions are planned in the apartment, it is necessary to make them as thin as possible. It will not steal extra meters.
  • Простір кухні можна зберегти завдяки деяким змінам. Барна стійка чудово справиться зі своїми обов’язками замість столу.
  • Якщо сім’я невелика, 3-4 особи – можна обійтись без плити на 4 конфорки. В цьому випадку вистачить і варильної поверхні на 2 місткості.
  • No textiles on the windows - it will burden the design. Bamboo blinds will be an ideal option.

Design a 1-bedroom apartment from 30 to 40 square meters

10 extra square meters is a great opportunity for creativity. But only at first glance. Here you should also act very carefully and attentively to properly use this area.

  • До уваги береться кількість людей, що будуть тут проживати. Це відіграє важливу роль в розподілі місця. Якщо для сім’ї обов’язкова наявність місця для дитини, то для однієї людини там можна облаштувати гардероб чи робоче місце.
  • Один власник квартири чи двоє людей. Тоді з легкістю можна об’єднати весь простір в єдине житло – студію. Це значно розширить й додасть місця квартирі.
  • It is better to use thin partitions for zoning the room. Or even arrange the area with furniture. This will be quite a functional solution. For example, the bar separates the kitchen and dining room, and a minimalist rack will separate the living area from the bedroom.

One bedroom apartments in new buildings: 40-50 square meters. How to be with them?

Today, developers give more freedom to apartment owners. In the design of premises, they often provide the possibility of free planning.

But here, too, do not lose vigilance. Even on such large areas, the furniture is placed as ergonomically as possible. Every corner of the apartment should be functionally filled. Applying the right shapes and light shades not only does not clog the space, but also increases it.

Smart apartments: benefit or problem? About the design of these one-room apartments

Once, 10-15 years ago, the society got acquainted with the format of studio apartments. This is a fairly convenient housing format for one or two people. Today, even more compact versions of budget apartments - smart - are gaining popularity.

Their sizes vary from 18 to 25 square meters. It seems unrealistic to arrange such a small scale. These myths are easily destroyed by the developers themselves. They not only give freedom in planning, but also sometimes furnish such mini-apartments.

Але все ж мешканці не часто користуються такими пропозиціями та звертаються до професіоналів. Які ж складнощі можуть виникати при оформленні такого простору? Перше – це меблі. Вони можуть обійтись клієнтам трохи дорожче за звичайні. Адже робляться вони на замовлення. При виготовленні враховується кожен міліметр. Бо навіть такі дрібниці можуть сформувати чи зіпсувати загальну картину інтер’єру однокімнатної квартири.

This is where transformer furniture will come in handy: sofas, beds, folding tables, etc.

Як додати “повітря” в смартквартирах? 

  • Light wall decoration: minimalist wallpaper or the right shades of paint.
  • You should avoid dark furniture in the arrangement of a 1-room apartment.
  • Жодних “важких” тканин на вікнах. Лише легенький тюль чи й взагалі жалюзі.

It is not necessary to save on furniture registration. After all, repairs are done for years. And having saved today, will have to pay again next year.

About the design of the studio apartment

Before the advent of smart apartments, they were at the peak of popularity. But they have not lost demand to this day. Such one-room premises are suitable for one or two people. More people will no longer feel so comfortable here.

The principles in the design of studios are similar to the previous mentions.

  1. The open space should be filled with functional furniture. It is desirable in this case to seek the services of masters. After all, standard models will not always be able to emphasize the benefits of the rooms.
  2. If partitions are provided - furniture registration is transferred. Zoning can steal some space. Therefore, you should wait with chests of drawers, cabinets or tables until the end of the division.

І головне: світлі відтінки й легкі форми. Порада від досвідчених професіоналів — варто вдаватись до маленьких акцентів, не завантажуючи квартиру тяжкими структурами.

If the question "Who to contact to develop an interesting and original design of a modern apartment?" Does not allow you to sleep peacefully, we will help you solve this problem, because the Client is our main partner.

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Total area: 72,2 м²

Design area: 33,4 м²

Number of living rooms: 1

Number of bathrooms: 1

Year of design: 2017

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