Agnes Project (2018)


This project is located in Stockholm, Sweden


Our company designed and made drawings for the plant and was also involved in construction.

Building area is 3993 m 2 . The object is formed by a residential building on 13 floors with underground parking + terrace on the ground floor, the total number of apartments – 45. The frame consists of reinforced concrete (hereinafter – reinforced concrete) wall panels, reinforced concrete stairways, reinforced concrete stairways. , reinforced concrete and metal columns, reinforced concrete massive slabs, reinforced concrete balconies, which were fastened through special embedded parts and ceilings made of filigree and partially hollow slabs, reinforced concrete and metal beams.

Exterior walls – facade of lightweight materials + insulation (performed on site).

The project was carried out by experienced design engineers and with the help of modern professional programs for calculation and design using 3D-modeling and 3D-visualization, which allows to eliminate the maximum number of construction problems and provide maximum security for people who will live in such a house. The house meets all modern requirements and norms, because the Client is our main partner. AK “Constructive” provides quality and inexpensive interior design services.

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Total area: sq.


Year of design: 2018 .


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