The project of a multi-storey building on Dalna Street in Lviv, UA

Project of a multi-storey building in Lviv, UA

The architecture of this house achieved through a harmonious combination of simple geometric shapes and a quiet color scheme. Thanks to this decision, the project of a multi-storey building does not break out of the overall structure of the district, but rather emphasizes its comfort and tranquility, while attracting the views of passers-by. When designing, we took into account all the features of the building area. As for the three-dimensional planning structure, the 4-storey building with underground parking for apartment owners. Functional apartment planning provides a comfortable stay. The ground floor apartments have their own patios with terraces to provide additional comfort to residents. In general, the project, in its totality, creates a harmonious “human-architecture-environment” effect.

The multi-storey house project executed by experienced architects and design engineers of our company. We use modern professional software for calculation and design using 3D modeling and 3D visualization, which eliminates the maximum number of construction problems and provides maximum safety for people who live in such house.

The structural scheme of the building – a complete non cross-bar frame. Columns – monolithic reinforced concrete. The walls are monolithic reinforced concrete. Overlapping – monolithic reinforced concrete. Covering – monolithic reinforced concrete. Exterior walls – 250 mm thick brickwork, insulated with mineral wool.

The house meets all modern requirements and standards, because the Client is our main partner and we, in our turn, tried to design the house not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and comfortable for living, taking into account all the features of the building area. We believe that only in the interaction of the customer-designer-consumer can design really comfortable, functional and aesthetic housing.

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Building plot area: he.

Total area of all buildings: sq.m

Number of flats: .

Number of floors: .

Garage: .

Year: 2018.


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