The project of an apartment building and its facade

The project of an apartment building and its facade is a challenge for our whole team to work quickly and efficiently and to design a harmonious environment with a colorful environment.

The project of an apartment building and its facade – such an order we received from the Customer, who appreciates the speed of work, accuracy and timeliness. Having studied the tastes and views of the Client, we made a decision to solve the facade of the house in some neutral, but active and actual color. Probably, this is the only project in which the beginning of work went from appearance and appearance. After all, in case of insertion a new project of an apartment building and its facade into a dense of surrounding buildings we have to take into account such a large number of factors in order to achieve a harmonious appearance that the appearance of the house became the primary task.

The stage of planning apartments took quite some time, because in an apartment building the task of the architect is to draw up the optimal layout of the room, and further – already a matter of engineering. Therefore, apartment buildings are both harder and easier at the same time.

A special solution was to put through windows on the corners of the house. This affected both the facade of the house and improved the existing layout of the apartments. Therefore, our new project of an apartment building and its facade became a functionally planning optimal decision, based on the stock of available construction and wishes of the Customer. By the way, about the Customer – this legal entity has built more than a dozen buildings, so it can be named an expert in construction and architectural affairs. Of course, when you work with Customers who know some things better than you do, you learn and grow on the project. It was an interesting and non-trivial experience for us. In it, we not only coped with the tasks of designing and further interior design, but also learned relevant things about the trends of the market situation.

Today, in our new apartment building project, people are already living and designing apartments according to our sketches. We are glad that in this order we managed to combine the optimum appearance of the house together with the interesting interior layout of the apartments.
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Plot area: 0.45 ha.


House Area: 425 Sq.


Floors: 4 .


Garages: 3 .


Design year: 2016 .


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