Multi-storey building with built-in parking, based in Lviv

The project of a multi-storey house with a parking on the Heroes of Kruty street in Lviv, UA

In general, our project of multi-storey building was light and sophisticated due to the use of simple geometric shapes in combination with natural relief.

The building area is 466 m2.2. In terms of space-planning, the house is a 5-storey building with underground parking. It consists of 11 apartments (including two levels) and two terraces (on 3 and 4 floors).

The structural scheme of the building – a complete non-rigel frame. Columns – monolithic reinforced concrete. The walls are monolithic reinforced concrete. Overlapping – monolithic reinforced concrete. Covering – monolithic reinforced concrete. Exterior walls – 250 mm thick masonry, insulated with mineral wool and a facade made of lightweight aluminum panels. Internal and load-bearing walls are brickwork of thicknesses. 250, 380, 510 mm of hollow brick. Partitions – brick, thick. 120 mm. The walls of the inner stairwells and the elevators are monolithic reinforced concrete. Jumpers – precast concrete and monolithic.

The rigidity of the frame is determined by the diaphragms and stiffness nuclei formed by the staircase and the monolithic walls, columns and overlap. All vertical elements rigidly connected to the monolithic foundations, slabs of floors and coverings. At the foot of the slope, to support it, a retaining wall is mounted on the drilling piles. Also monolithic reinforced concrete stairs and platforms on the ground are performed.

This project of multi-storey building executed by experienced architects and design engineers of our company. We use modern professional software for calculation and design using 3D modeling and 3D visualization, which eliminates the maximum number of construction problems and provides maximum safety for people who live in such house. The house meets all modern requirements and standards, because the Client is our main partner.

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Building plot area: 466 he.

Total area of all buildings: 1 286,91 sq.m

Number of flats: 11.

Number of floors: 5.

Garage: built-in parking.

Рік проектування: 2018.


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