Architectural project of a house in Berezhany, Lviv region

rchitectural project of a three-storey single-family house in the suburbs of Lviv

The architectural project is located on a sloping plot with difficult relief in a cozy area within the ring road of the city, 12 acres.

Customer’s wishes: Develop an original and non-standard home project for a family of five using modern materials and technologies.
The base of the tape type used in the frame construction serves as the basis for the columns, which serve as a support for the structure. The ground floor has a utility room and a garage. The basis of the walls of the first floor is made of concrete blocks, reinforced with a reinforcement belt. On the first floor there is a through kitchen, living room and children’s rooms. The third floor designed to accommodate homeowners. In the center of the house are stairs with partial external glazing, the area of which will occupy at the same time a winter garden. Roof are operated, terraced type.
Exterior wall coverings – clinker, composite materials.

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Plot area :: 0.12 ha


House Area: 150 Sq.


Floors: 3 .


Number of bedrooms: 2 .


Garage: on 1 car.


Design year: 2017 .


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