Design of a sports club in Lviv,UA


Design of a gym in Lviv.


The main idea to create this kind of gym design came to us from customers with the name they came up with – Gold time fitness, whose meaning can be interpreted in different ways. It’s either an expensive environment or a valuable time. In our design, we tried to combine the two concepts. At the same time, we were tasked with creating an expensive design that was cheap to implement.

Therefore, in our project, we made the most of the existing state of the room, namely the monolithic concrete flooring in the interior of the hall, and offered variants of materials and furniture that do not require significant investment and effort.

The reception area is as light as possible and open to the client. In the lobby we have provided some sofas where you can rest or wait for the start of the workout. As part of the project, a mini bar with bar counter is offered near the entrance area. There will be self-produced juices, smoothies, sports nutrition and training products.

The entrance area to the locker room and the hall were visually separated by a partition from the wooden panels and provided several bar seats and tables that can be observed “what is being done in the hall” or drink fresh juices. The design of the gym itself is rigorous and brutal, not distracting, but only pushes for continuous and persistent work on itself.

In general, the whole design combines materials such as glass and wood, the concrete complements them, and the emphasis is yellow, which does not relax, charges energy and holds in tone.

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Total Area: 646.05 Sqm


Design area: 89 m2


Number of bathrooms 3 .


Design year: 2016 .


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