Design of a two-storey mansion in the Krotoszyn, Lviv region

Mansion Design as a Multitasking Challenge for Designer + Young Progressive Customers = Minimalistic Scandinavian Interior Design.

Designing a mansion for a young family is a great challenge for more experienced and conservative designers. On the one hand, you have to come up with a concept and do something very cool, on the other – younger people have their vision and often it is an advanced market. More advanced than usual design solutions and standard architectural designs. When placing an order and before working on the design, it is necessary to determine the taste of the customer and the style in which we will design. Our design of the mansion is minimalist in combination with Scandinavian elements.

Inside the mansion is dominated by open space, lots of light, air – the interior is filled with life, positive, joy. So just emphasize this and highlight it in interior design. Let’s start with a kitchen that is insular and open. Our Clients love to welcome guests and spend their time with them, so we decided to leave the space fully open, from the kitchen to the island and ending with a smooth transition into the hallway and hallway. The décor uses an achromatic black and white range with the addition of natural materials – wood and natural colors – green. The fireplace in the interior adds comfort and emphasizes the natural character of the decor.

The bathrooms are designed in a simple style without unnecessary detail, emphasizing the minimalist mood, but with the inclusion of large elements – a large mirror, long lamps, a long length of the wall of the bath. The entrance to the house has an interesting burgundy color, the color harmonizes in space and adds an interesting touch to the interior design.

The work area for Customers who sometimes work at home is made jointly separated in an office that is delimited only by the zonal, without the allocation of a separate room. On the side is a convenient cabinet-rack, which can accommodate a large number of books, magazines and other materials, and the view through a large window offers a nice view of the best part of the site and the surrounding space.

You can read more about the design of the mansion here. You can get acquainted with the designers and architects of the company, the team and its values at this link.




Total Area: 192 Sq.


Design Area: 125 Sq.


Number of living rooms: .


Number of bathrooms: 3 .


Design year: 2017 .


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