Apartment design project in Lviv


A contemporary apartment design project in Lviv


Check out our new creation, “A contemporary apartment design project in Lviv.” This is by no means our first apartment design project in Lviv, but as before it has come out as distinctive and unlike any other.

The style name is derived from the English word “contemporary”, which means “modern”. This design originated in the mid-twentieth century. At that time, he successfully combined the Scandinavian direction and the minimalist aspects of interior design. In the early 1950s, hundreds of thousands of people moved to major cities, necessitating the construction of high-rise buildings. It was not easy to provide residents of these buildings with large space.

And here, to help designers come a style of contemporary decor, which has a laconic design and at the same time suggested the presence of various elements of decor. True, they were a big deficit back then. That is why people bought all kinds of, often incompatible, items from different eras, which gave them a unique design. Over time, this style has conquered all of Europe. As a result, a variety of design and architecture schools have emerged that have developed this area and given it one or the other characteristics. Nowadays, this style has not lost its popularity. The combination of lacquered furniture (from the same IKEA) and vintage décor gives you the chance to bring any idea to life.

The main features of the interior are contemporary decor.

This style does not offer clear rules that must be adhered to. But looking at the many interiors, you can see some patterns in this direction.

  • concise layout of the house or apartment and ease of surface decoration;
  • the use of functional and inexpensive furniture;
  • creating comfort with vintage decorative elements;
  • proportional lines and smoother surfaces;
  • minimum of decorative elements. At the same time, each of them must be extraordinary and attract attention;
  • Functional furniture (modular systems, such as living room walls, have come to our attention since the end of the last century);
  • the combination of furniture and decor with each other. Although the style offers extraordinary and bold room decorating options, they must all have at least one common feature;
  • lots of free space. Decorative partitions or screens are completely irrelevant for the contemporaries. Room zoning is best done with lighting and shelving;
  • Natural materials. Like most contemporary interior styles, contemporary decor focuses on environmental friendliness. It can be genuine wood, marble, granite, plexiglass, genuine leather;
  • combination of invoices. To add a room of originality, try to combine several textures. For example, the glass elements fit perfectly on the chrome surface. And natural wood blends perfectly with stone.

Our apartment design project in Lviv is built on the contrast of light and dark with the addition of wooden elements for warmth and comfort. Clean shapes, simple design make the home design stylish and practical.

If you do not have a good night’s sleep: “Who can order an interesting and original apartment design project in Lviv or in any corner of Ukraine?”, we will help you solve this problem.

The client is our main partner.

Always yours, Constructive Architecture Company.

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