Apartment design project in historic house

Apartment design project at Pekarska str. Lviv.

Our new apartment design project in a historic home, done in Scandinavian style, which is one of the most popular in our time. Interiors that can be found all over the world, from Portugal to Chile. But most of all it is in demand, of course, in countries with northern climates. The recipe for his success lies in the brilliant combination of national and international. The aesthetics of the style derive not only from the culture and history of the Scandinavian countries, but also from the peculiarities of the climate zone and geographical location. In this project we also used materials typical of Scandinavia, including wood.

The worldwide trend towards eco-friendliness, cleanliness, naturalness of forms and bright spacious rooms has brought this style to the top of the client’s tastes. Scandi makes no sense to delve into details, much more important to understand its essence. It is good because it does not have current laws that designers must obey. In Scandia, every designer feels like a freelance artist who creates a new masterpiece with confident and bright strokes. The frames of this style are limited only by the imagination of the designer. Due to this, Scandi gets fresh and unique qualities.

When designing this apartment design project, we particularly focused on interiors, because it is important to remember that this style of materials and furniture is a long and painstaking work. We set the base furniture for a few months and then added other accessories to it. It is probably this approach that predetermines a certain eclecticism of style that mixes vintage furniture in the early and mid-twentieth centuries. And that is why our historic home design project includes both contemporary design items and items that have been found in the attic. Scandinavian style allows you to collect all these various puzzle elements into one. It binds all these things together with one idea, color solution and texture, and the missing parts can be replaced with natural forms – stump instead of a nightstand, a branch as a hanger or sconce, a snack covered with a glass table instead of a coffee table.

The chips of this apartment design project

This our apartment design project is not in vain under the dominance of white. It combines all parts of the interior into one, hides some contradictions, and most importantly – repeatedly reflects the sun’s rays, filling the room with light. The main highlight of this project was the idea of combining contemporary design with authentic XIX century details. We have embodied in our project the design of the apartment embodies all the best that is in the modern Scandinavian style, without neglecting the unique details of the XIX century, which were characteristic of this house before the reconstruction. It is nice to note that in this interior we managed to achieve the effect of the proximity of nature, because it is not enough in modern cities. And most importantly. This apartment is just very comfortable to live in)

If you are concerned about the question “Who could make an interesting and practical project of apartment design,” we will gladly assist you in solving it, because for us it is the Client – our main partner.

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Total Area: 57.2 Sq.


Design Area: 57.2 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 2 .


Number of bathrooms: 2 .


Design Year: 2018 .


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