Apartment design project in the new building in Lviv

Designer and Client swapped – what happened? Elegant interior design project in a cozy home.і

The services of the designer of the architectural company “Constructive” strives to satisfy the Client in the smallest detail of the interior design project and bring it closer to the ideal. This time the Client turned out to be very demanding and with a very sophisticated taste. However, this is exactly what we love most – so, having spent all the previous talks and questionnaires, we enthusiastically went to work.

First of all, we started to master the master bedroom. Bedroom – a special place where you need to balance the amount of fabrics – not too much and not too much, similar to the lighting, the height of furniture, the texture of materials. The designer worked somewhere without days off and was looking for a solution, but we still did not come close to the finale. And then we decided – why not include in your team … the Client himself ?! And so, the result exceeded all expectations.

The bedroom is a few days, the bathroom is one day, the kitchen is several hours. Each member of the Client’s family has visited the site of the designer and can now bear the proud name “Designer”. Only the Living Room and the Children’s Client decided to fully trust us. So there we were already able to feel like a child who will grow up in his childhood world, and the owner of the house, which is about to open the door to visitors. Thanks to such incredible reincarnation, the designer became a child, the Client, trying on the point of view of the environment, and our Client is now a little bit a designer and will be able to decorate his new premises with his own hands.

And a few words about the design of the nursery. We chose a delicate pink range that would emphasize the sophistication and identity of the customer’s daughter’s nature, as well as divide the premises into zones – this way the child will be able to move within the same room, but they will not be bored and each child will be able to fill them with new ones. , special content. Lamps for all rooms were carefully selected for the best price – quality and were purchased at the beginning of the process of design of the apartment project.

Did you like what our designer did? 🙂 We are very 🙂 join our architectural company and you and feel in different roles under the clear control of professionals! Our designer services = the perfect interior of your home

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Total Area: 109.3 Sq.


Design Area: 109.3 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 4 .


Number of bathrooms: 2 .


Design year: 2017 .


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