Dental Clinic Design Project

Dental Clinic Design Project

Our new work is a dental clinic design project. Dentistry in the imagination of modern man has long ceased to be associated with the torture chamber, a hike where causes a terrible fear and shudder. The white tile, the smell of medicine and the cruel doctors – all that is left in the distant past. Today, dental clinic or office owners are trying to seduce the client and want him to come back. Not only the latest equipment, the satisfaction of the patient’s wishes, but also the interior serve this purpose.

Features of this design

In preparing this project, we first and foremost focused on making this facility more enjoyable and comfortable. There was also no need to forget about proper sanitary and functional requirements. For this purpose we have selected only practical and reliable materials. The walls and floor are tiled, easy to clean and resistant to dirt.

This design dental clinic project is not the first such facility in our practice. However, it has come out modern and relevant for many years to come. This was achieved through the use of trendy minimalist style in the interior design. One of the main tasks that needs to be addressed when designing a health care facility is to provide it with maximum functionality and a beautiful look at the same time.

The entrance area is designed in a color scheme that has a calming effect on the patient’s perception. Separately separated area allows you to relax before receiving a doctor. Children can be drawn to drawing and distracted from thinking about a “scary” dental chair. The premises have enough natural light. Thanks to this, there will always be light, and the colors will look rich and pleasing to the eye. Walls are decorated with textured washable panels, bathrooms – tiles, paint on the walls in all rooms is also subject to cleaning – thus it will be possible to ensure compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

Based on the existing planning and open space, it was decided to zonally divide the dental clinic design project using colored accents. In this way, proportions are maintained and balanced, making the room more spacious and visually brighter. The sanitary facilities are equipped with a built-in toilet and built-in water and drainage systems, and all cabinets and drawers are built in, ensuring a minimalistic style in all available areas.

The paneling uses veneered wood panels that go flush with the hidden doors and create a solid wood surface. Soft panels also add height, and a mirror reception visually increases the space.

Summarizing the work done, we can say that all the tasks were solved. Our dental clinic design project enables the staff to be fully operational and to enhance the client’s well-being.

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Total Area: 10.36 Sqm


Design Area: 10.36 Sqm


Number of bathrooms: 1 .


Design Year: 2018 .


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