Design of a modern apartment

Design project of a modern apartment

Our new creation is a design project of a modern apartment in a minimalist style. This style assumes the principle of minimum – a small amount of details, decor, colors, objects. If you think that the style of minimalism in the interior is associated with an ascetic lifestyle or financial problems, you are greatly mistaken. It is an attractive environment characterized primarily by space, functionality and clear organization of space. Minimalism appeared in the interior in the 20-30s of the last century. Its origin was preceded by tendencies of constructivism, which implies a clear and thoughtful organization of space. Another factor that contributed to the appearance of minimalism in the interior of apartments – the end of the First World War. The production of furniture and building materials was just beginning to get back on its feet, so people had to do what was at hand. From the mid-twentieth century, architects began to equip housing for workers, which provided functionality and simplicity. The results of their work quickly appealed to customers taste.

Main features of minimalism:

As much free space as possible. This solution is usually achieved by dismantling partitions, replacing interior doors on arches, enlarging window openings, creating many light sources in two-storey premises.

The furniture is modern, regular in shape, spacious, folding and multifunctional. Sometimes designers prefer asymmetrical furniture. The furniture is arranged so that they occupy as little space as possible.

Well-lit rooms that use no more than three color options. The most popular are white, gray, black, beige and silver. Often they can be complemented by one bright color: green, yellow, red (in our case, it’s pink).

Minimalism in apartment interiors remains steadily popular, despite the fact that there are many new chips now. He manages to survive in the modern world thanks to the fact that there is always a category of people who do not want to pursue fashion, preferring a Spartan atmosphere. Another factor in the popularity of minimalism is the rapid rhythm of the modern big city, overloaded with large-scale buildings, advertising signs and constant chaos.

Living in similar conditions, you want to come home to finally feel free, where the eye can rest from the small and annoying details. A relaxed and comfortable environment helps you relax, get a good night’s sleep and gain strength. Classic minimalism in the interior will appeal to those who can’t stand the mess. This style is the optimal solution for people who are “sick” of perfectionism. In a minimalist home, it is very easy to clean, to create strict proportions of objects and concise combinations.

In developing this design project of a modern apartment, we used a lot of micro cement and various natural materials. Although this design project of a modern apartment does not shine with all sorts of fuss, there are details that indicate that a strong woman lives in this apartment. In particular, this is indicated by the notes already mentioned by us, pink.

If you can`t sleep with the question: “Who can do for us interesting and original design of a modern apartment?”, We will help you to solve this problem, because the Client is our main partner

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Total area: 72.2 Sq.


Design Area: 33.4 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 1 .


Number of bathrooms: 1 .


Design year: 2017 .


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