Inexpensive project of the rent apartment

An inexpensive apartment project can also look unique and beautiful if you invite professional designers with experience in the implementation of objects of different complexity to implement it.

An affordable apartment project is a separate service provided by our company designers. It has been developed and successfully implemented for several years in a row. The essence of the service is that we carry out the design somewhat differently than in the case of individual design. After all, there is no specific customer who will live in the apartment. The apartment will be rented out and it is necessary to create such design that it looked attractive at first sight. Well, the task is not easy, but it is quite capable of designers of the architectural company “Constructive”.
The project of the apartment was inexpensively decided to make in a wooden style. Wood style is one of the most versatile areas of design and is virtually win-win. It appeals to a wide audience, ranging from the unpretentious to those who seek sophistication in simplicity or love environmental motives.

Let’s start with our favorite moment – finding additional space. Since the square footage of the apartment is quite large, but not sufficient to form two full rooms, it was decided to divide the area visually by bookshelves with a partition. Also, the apartment should be as comfortable as possible – so a closet with translucent doors (sometimes to forget something from things), open space and bedside tables – optimally fill the space. Thus, the apartment is not too empty – creating a lack of coziness and a feeling of “station”, and not too cluttered – which will ruin any aesthetics. There is one small secret that you should definitely take into account when decorating in a wooden style – in such a room should be as green as possible. If this effect is not provided, there is a risk of getting a simple and not too neat design purely due to the difference of the invoices. However, if you take a variety of plants and place them in certain areas – it will be interesting and unusual effect. By adding books, textiles, non-standard lamps to the interior, we create comfort and a sense of home, peace, security and relaxation.

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Total Area: 65.3 Sq.


Design Area: 61.3 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 1 .


Number of bathrooms: 1 .


Design year: 2017 .


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