Conceptual design of a single-family country house

The project of a country house designed in a modern minimalist style.

The conceptual design of a country house made in a minimalistic style with the use of straight lines and simple forms in the design. The main decoration materials we choose are harmoniously combined wood and plaster.

In general, the minimalist style is by itself not straightforward and homogeneous, leaving designers and architects with plenty of variants for optimization and fantasy.

The main volume is distributed in such a way that on the ground floor is located the rest area of the living room with the kitchen (combined by one open space). There is also a study and a large 2 car garage. The second floor completely occupied by bedrooms.

In our project of a country house, we also provided large panoramic windows from the kitchen – living rooms, which offer a beautiful view of the garden, thereby combining the interior and exterior spaces.

The projecting cantilever volume of the second floor plays not only its functional solution (a balcony for two bedrooms) – it is connected with a column located on the terrace of the first floor, thus creating an interesting architectural image of the house, giving it plasticity and completeness.

If you are concerned with the question “Who could make for us an interesting and modern project of a country house?” we will gladly assist you in its solution, because for Constructive Company it is the Client who is the most important partner.

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Plot area: 0.1 ha.

House Area: 304 Sq.

Living space: 84 m2 Sq.

Terrace area: 64 Sq.

Overall dimensions: 17.27×12.76 m

Floors: 2 floors

Number of bedrooms: 3

Garage: on a 2 car

Design Year: 2018


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