A project of an IT company office with work and training parts

Project of an IT company office with working and training functional parts.

Office projects are increasingly being ordered by our company not only in the service sector but also in the intellectual and information services. Employees who are in a harmonious environment feel better, they have lower levels of stress, better relationships in the team, higher performance. Environment and personality are interconnected and interdependent. It is difficult to spend a lot of time in dirty or gloomy rooms, made in an arbitrary color scheme and with arbitrary layout. Considering that we spend tens of hours a month at work, you can guess what impact this environment has on us. In recent years, companies have been increasingly trying to ensure good working conditions for their employees, since a better investment in the development of an enterprise is an investment in employees.

The project of the office provides functional zoning in two zones – working and training. Window sills overlooking a quiet courtyard with trees decorated for seating to rest on. The walls are painted with special paint, which can be painted with a marker. Black and white zones intersect, cross into one another, from texture to texture, from material to material. And now the whole project of the office receives a complete design, fully implemented with modern paints, flooring, ceiling and special lighting fixtures, concrete panels on the walls. Gradually, our interior, measuring sixty meters in size and with six workplaces, approaches the conceptual project of playing light and shadows, spaces and proportions.

The floor is made of a special coating that will absorb excess noise – environmentally friendly industrial linoleum, resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Separate behind the door with a hidden box, there is a kitchen and a wardrobe. It will be possible to place unnecessary items, outerwear, changeable shoes and various items of rare use (tools, cables, parts, computer components and other things that clutter the look of the interior of the room). Calm colors set people to work and at the same time calm, focused. Beautiful interior accents – chairs, lamps, plants – enrich its appearance.

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Design year: 2017 .


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