Reconstruction project for the completion of a single-family residential building in Lviv

The project of reconstruction of a single-family house.

The house (one-storey with attic) is located in the formed environment of a block of low-rise residential buildings.
The complex configuration of the premises and their small space made the young family reach out to us.
The reconstruction project envisages the improvement of living and sanitary conditions of the house by arranging an extension on the north side with a further 2-level superstructure (full and attic), for which it proposed to dismantle the attic over the existing living rooms. Exit to the upper levels carried out on the inner staircase.
The project proposes to arrange a tambour, boiler room, stairwell lounge, bathroom and garage on the first level (in the volume of completion). On the 2-nd level – kitchen-living-dining room, hallway, 2 bedrooms, bathroom and wardrobe, on the 3rd attic level – corridor, study and recreation terrace overlooking the city panorama.
The construction is a wooden frame (to reduce the load on the foundations).
Finishing of walls carried out by a wooden lining, the plinth – by a natural stone, chimneys – by a clinker tile.



Plot area: 0.0174 ha.

House Area: 41.2 sqm (before renovation), 168.89 sqm (after reconstruction).

Overall dimensions: 12.15 x 6.77

Floors: 3 (Upgrade – 1)

Bedrooms: 3 (Upgrade – 1)

Garage: on 1 car

Design Year: 2015


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