Project of a modern house on Baltiyska Street in Lviv


Baltic Street Townhouse Project in Lviv


Townhouses History

The project of a modern home concept is quite relative and keeping pace with the present. Earlier, the term “town house” was called the city residence of a representative of the aristocracy. The buildings could stand alone, but in most cases they were built in a row and adjacent to each other. Therefore, in the US, the term has begun to be used in architecture and urban planning for any low-rise low-rise building. Particularly for the style that originated in Europe in the sixteenth century, where a number of identical or mirror houses had common side walls (terraced house in the UK).

Subsequently, the term “townhouse” or “townhouse” began to be used in America to describe non-typical suburban homes. As a rule, they were designed with the imitation of a detached or semi-detached (two-room house) building. Today, the term townhouse is sometimes also used to describe a dwelling that imitates a detached house but is combined into an apartment complex (North American house, terraced house in the UK). The difference between a dwelling that is called an apartment and what is called a townhouse is that the latter is usually multi-storey and has its own entrance from the street. Unlike an apartment that usually occupies only one level and has entrance via internal stairs and public corridors.

Modern House Project – Features

One of the main requirements of the customers was to design a modern home project so that it would look like one building from the outside. In fact, it has three houses, one of which is two-bedroom. Housing planning was tailored to each client’s wishes, so each home has a convenient individual layout with its own backyard and large terraces in a relatively small area. The first floor has public areas, combined living and dining areas with patios and patios. Two homes also have garages for one and two cars. Upstairs are the bedrooms. And in the third house on the same floor there is a second apartment in which the parents of the owner of this house live. The third floor is only in the third house and is intended for recreation both inside the house and on the large terrace, where you can lay out sun beds and place an area with terrace furniture for the rest of a large company.

The architecture of this townhouse is achieved through a harmonious combination of simple geometric shapes and a quiet color scheme. Thanks to such a decision, it does not break away from the overall structure of the district, but rather emphasizes its comfort and tranquility, while attracting the views of passers-by. Functional planning of apartments provides comfortable living in it. In general, the project, in its totality, creates a harmonious “human-architecture-environment” effect.

The project was carried out by experienced architects and design engineers and using modern professional software for calculation and design using 3D modeling and 3D rendering. This eliminates the maximum number of construction problems and provides maximum security for people living in such a home. The house meets all modern requirements and standards, because the Client is our main partner.

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Building Plot Area: 0.0759 ha.


Total number of buildings: 3 (3 two-bedroom building)


Total area of ​​all buildings: 578,9 m2


Area of ​​houses: 144,89 m2; 169.13 sqm; 266,88 sqm (of which 81,47 sqm 2 apartments)


Floors: 2 and 3 floors


Number of bedrooms: 2-3


Garage: no, one car, two cars respectively      

Design year: 2019


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