Project of a two-storey residential building with a terrace

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Two-story frame house project in Maardu, Estonia.

The project of the frame house is designed in a modern style, but using a large amount of natural materials. The main focus is on preserving the environment to allow for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.
On the ground floor there is a living room combined with a kitchen and a seating area with a fireplace. The original solution for the seating area was to arrange a transparent ceiling above it, which not only improves the overall insulation of the room, but also serves as a window for admiring the stars during long winter evenings. An interesting solution is to arrange a separate garage for a motorcycle, through which you can also get directly into the house.
The second floor has a master bedroom with access to the terrace, two guest bedrooms and also a small play area, which can serve as a workplace for homeowners.
There are several color renders.

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Plot area :: 0,09 ha.

House Area: 196 Sqm

Floors: 2 .

Number of bedrooms: 2 .

Garage: no

Design year: 2016 .


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