Pymonenko Townhouse

Our new project – a townhouse on Pymonenko Street in Lviv.

By geographical location, the city of Lviv is located in the 6 climatic zone of Europe. These include countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Exploring the architectural solutions of these countries, we have selected the best options that would harmoniously fit into the environment of an ancient and at the same time modern city. Also, in the development of the townhouse project, we sought simple architectural solutions to achieve a non-standard appearance that would look different when cloning and, at the same time, create the feeling of a single architectural ensemble.

Convenient location of our project in the structure of the city allows you quickly move yourself in the right place, and the developed infrastructure is able to provide the most comfortable living conditions.

As the most optimal construction decision we have chosen the construction of precast concrete. This technology is widespread in the European countries of our climate zone, however, new in Ukraine. ЇЇ use accelerates the construction speed by almost 5 times compared to the classically adopted frame-monolithic construction and brick construction.

All the walls are made of reinforced concrete on modern Italian equipment, which ensure high accuracy and geometric evenness of construction. Specially designed brands of concrete and structural units ensure maximum structural stability even in the event of an earthquake.

Overlapping is made of modern hollow panels that are completely different from those used to us, the Soviet ones. Thanks to modern equipment, they are absolutely level, which, in combination with concrete walls, ensures perfect mounting equality, without cracks and gaps.

The insulation of the houses made with expanded polystyrene foam 150 mm thick, which will provide a high level of resistance to heat transfer even in comparison with brick houses.



  • For our townhouse project, we chose Minimalism. This solution is convenient and functional, perfectly suited to the combination of architecture and environment and does not conflict with the neighboring buildings.
  • Form

  • Simple, rectangular forms of a minimalist home create a balanced environment and at the same time are very practical because they reduce the number of cold bridges.

  • Diversity

  • The building has 3 blocked houses. We are aware that each person has individual needs and wishes, and therefore it is important that the townhouses we offer are different from each other and are not clones, combining several planning and architectural solutions.

  • Textures of the facade

  • The most practical material for the facade opf our townhouse project is clinker. It is durable, aesthetic and help any shape can be interesting formed. It is also important that the decoration of the facade with quality materials is the key to long-term operation of the house without repair.

  • Windows and doors

  • All homes feature panoramic windows. They give a lot of light and, just as importantly, visually enlarge the room. Modern entrance doors not only give homes a contemporary look, but also reliably protect the owners and their property from any attempt to penetrate inside.

  • Stairs

  • To save usable space and provide convenience with functionality in all homes, we have designed the staircase.

  • Roof Garden

  • Within the modern city, mostly the space around of houses is not very large and is visible from the neighboring houses, so as a compromise solution we have chosen to transform the flat roof into a garden, which at the same time provides comfort and gives the owners so needed personal space.

  • Children’s space

  • On the territory there is a full-fledged children’s space that will allow parents not to worry about where toddlers and older children will spend their free time.

  • Exterior stairs

  • To access the roof we have provided an external spiral staircase that takes up little space and adds interesting notes to the overall aesthetics of the house.

  • Fence

  • As a means of limiting the area, we planned a low wooden rail. Such a fence will be invisible in the environment, and, due to its small height, will allows visually expand the surrounding space.

Also important is the fact that the project also provides us with the possibility of making turnkey homes, that is, with the completion of all interior work as well.

  • – In this project, we tried to apply the latest trends in interior design styles, combining them with the functional use of space and interior elements.
  • – We use only natural colors in the designs, which prevents the interiors from quickly becoming outdated and out of date.
  • – The use of space over the stairs as a dressing room is not only a practical but also a functional solution that fully fits into our plans for economical and rational use of space in homes.
  • – Each home designed with a comfortable and spacious bathroom as an integral part of any modern home. It is known that quality plumbing increases the comfort of living in the house

We strive to satisfy the requirements of all, even the most demanding Clients, as much as possible, because for us – the Client is our main partner

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Building plot area: 0.103 he.

Total number of buildings: 12.

Total area of all buildings: 1 286,91 sq.m

Area of houses: 87,42 sq.m ; 130,15 sq.m ; 87,03 sq.m ; 168,07 sq.m ; 91,53 sq.m ;.

Number of floors: 2.

Garage: no, for 1 car.

Рік проектування: 2019.


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