Modern apartment design with minimalist motifs

Modern design of an apartment in the residential complex “IT House”, Studynskoho street, Lviv, UA.

Consider in more detail the obtained modern design of the apartment by zones in the apartment.

Input Zone

The entrance area is a large mirror, which comes from the wall to the ceiling with the letter G, which is woven into the same L-shaped shape on the opposite side, but from the bars. As a result of this reception we receive the delimited entrance zone with a tile on a floor and a bedside table for footwear which “flies in air”. The mirror is lowered to the floor. Lighting – LED strips located between the bars.

Wardrobe area – white matte doors without texture, which merge with the white wall. This expands our space a little more.

Living Room

Biofireplace, green wall, wooden floor, aquarium, wall made of hewn shaped stone (like clinker) – all this creates an atmosphere of naturalness, comfort and tranquility, because the house – a place where the family rests from the noise of the daily environment, saturated with information, colors, light and urbanism. The house is an oasis for recovery and communication.

Large planes look minimalist and flow into each other.

The background for the inscription is the same facade plate that was used for the kitchen. It seems to envelop the wall of the refrigerator and the wall of the toilet, and thus finds itself in the living area, which levels the corner and helps the eye to perceive the space more generally and integrally. For the same purpose, a partially lowered plasterboard ceiling over the sofa was used, which flows from the curtain area to the sofa area and seems to hang over the aquarium. In this way, we connect the protrusion of the wall, column + aquarium into a common composition, this array is thus removed from the eye and does not burden. The profile above the aquarium is a joint composition with it to generalize the space.

White, gray, black, sandy – shades that are often present in nature and “comfortable” for the eye.

All surfaces are close to narrow verticals and in most cases rise up to the ceiling, which visually significantly adds height.

The green wall, like the bookcase by the window, has additional directional light, which makes them more expressive decorative accents.

Since our window sill is low, I really wanted to use the window space not just as a place for flowerpots – because it’s a great place to watch the landscape, enjoy your morning coffee and read a book – the shelf is convenient located on the side.

Armchairs in the middle of the room as frame as possible, so they are visually light and do not clutter the space, in addition, they can be easily moved where convenient – they are not tied to a specific place, neither lighting nor other furniture. Lighting under the bedside tables in the living room and in the entrance area also add the effect of weightlessness. Window frames, window sills and battery paneling – a dark facade plate, which emphasizes the modern design of the apartment, the window and the landscape behind it, and does not leave it as a minor addition to the curtain.

Lighting from a dark stone ceiling emphasizes its texture well, which is very appropriate near the accumulation of greenery and fireplace.


The facade of the kitchen is gray. White or black is too contrasting, gray is noble and calm. The surface is matte – it is more cozy than gloss, because there is a lot of such material in the apartment, we preferred matte.

On the loggia – drawers under the sofa, you can store things that you rarely use. On the sides – closed shelves, from the windows – open shelves, which unobtrusively go close to the window and are a transition between a light window and a closed gray rack.

The kitchen work surface is illuminated by an LED strip, which has its own switch. Sockets – in two points – for small appliances.

The battery is sewn into the cabinet, on top – a grille for circulating heated air.


Floor covering – parquet board, pattern “French Christmas tree”, which passes to the wall.

Wardrobe – white tinted glass.

Bed + soft panels on the wall – a solid composition that is the main focus of the bedroom.

Spotlights are both decorative light and can also serve as a directional light, like a mirror – this lamp can change position.

Armchairs in the bedroom – the same model as in the kitchen – so you can combine when you want to move the table to the sofa and deliver the chairs.

Tinted glass, a French Christmas tree on the wall, a touch of industrial, a hint of marsala, strips of LED lighting – these elements make the bedroom especially stylish. This room best emphasizes the modern design of the apartment so that this seating area inspires something new and fresh.

Scandinavian details – motivational inscription on the wall, prints, Christmas tree pattern, carpets with pronounced patterns, polka dot wall in the nursery – bring a homely atmosphere to the apartment and make the atmosphere friendly and comfortable for the young family.


A table for two framed by a wooden panel and a cabinet makes the corner cozy and zones it. Beds have drawers for storing bed linen and toys. There is also a separate shelf for toys and books. From the experience of the designer: children love window sills with pillows, so we could not deprive them of their dreams in this case, especially since the client has two girls).

Pastel colors with certain accents, which are mostly textiles and it is easy to replace when children grow up and want to change the style of the room. Bedside reading lamps are provided by the beds. Above the beds – light balls of thread, which are easy to make at home with your own hands under the supervision of a designer. Such lamps add mystery to the room, and from them interesting shadows appear on the walls, which emphasizes the modern design of the apartment. It also brings the ceiling closer and visually reduces the space, which is necessary for the feeling of comfort and children, so that they do not get lost in a large space relative to their size. The polka dot on the wall and the combination of several colors adds curiosity and makes the nursery actually “childish.”

In general, in all this living space there are no clearly expressed too bright accents, which allows owners to easily fit over time in the modern design of the apartment interesting pillows, prints, replace seasonal decor – that is, operate this design, move it and thus preserve its innovation, freshness and idea due to large simple monochrome planes, which will always be a great background for the next series of decor, which customers would like to add over time.

We also abandoned the use of the standard tulle-curtain approach, it removes light from the apartment and obscures the landscape. Roman blinds are more dense, and they can be significantly isolated from excessive light at noon, in addition, they take up less space. It is easier to breathe in such a room. The only exception is the bedroom, a room that needs diffused lighting. All curtains are lowered with a remote control, as is the screen for the projector in the bedroom – it can be extended with a button if necessary.

If the question “Who can make an interesting and original design project for us” keeps you awake, we will help you solve this problem, because the Client is our main partner!

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Total area: 106 sq. m.

Design area: 94 sq. m.

Number of living rooms: 3 .

Number of bathrooms: 2 .

Year of design: 2016 .


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