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Following The object was designed by us

Before starting the dental design project, we carefully researched the features of the dentist's profession and all the doctor's needs, so the project was completed in accordance with all norms and rules. The project includes a reception hall, staff quarters, a bathroom and two dental offices. Each office has a work area for placing a computer, receiving patients and a cabinet for storing documents and materials. In the first office, we placed a sterilization unit - a mandatory component of every dentistry. There is a wide work surface for placing the overall sterilization equipment and a large number of cabinets.

The design of these offices and the entire dentistry in general is made in white and beige colors. This visually enlarges the room and gives a feeling of peace. Terrazzo tiles are used for the floor, double spot black lamps are placed on the ceiling, and led chandeliers above the dental unit provide a large amount of light.

Special attention should be paid to the reception area. There are several areas in the premises: reception, waiting area and storage area (wardrobe for visitors' outerwear). Vertical lines, light walls and accents in the form of linear black lamps give the room sophistication. Sofas with rounded backs are the perfect finishing touch.

The interior of the bathroom is minimalistic - rectangular lines can be seen in every item: tiles, toilet, sink and mirror. However, in order to add emphasis to the room, two round sconces are placed next to the mirror.

In our opinion, design should not only be in the premises with which the client interacts, but also for the staff. That is why the staff room, where employees can leave their outerwear, have lunch or just relax, is also stylish and minimalistic.

When developing the design of this dentistry, we wanted to create a space in which patients could feel the most comfortable. And we think we succeeded.


Total area: 50,76 м²

Design area: 50,76 м²

Number of bathrooms: 1

Year: 2022

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