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The interior design

Everyone in the world dreams of a comfortable and beautiful home. But not everyone knows how to implement their ideas. Moreover, not everyone has ideas.

In today's world, interior design is not just about how to arrange furniture. It is a whole science of comfort and functionality, which develops and improves every year at a breakneck pace.

The interior design studio "Konstruktiv" will gladly take care that your room was comfortable for life or work.

How does it work?

First, the interior designer asks the client about the very important data for his work:

  • wishes regarding the amount of furniture in each of the rooms;
  • lifestyle of all family members;
  • photos of interiors that seem aesthetic to you and that you do not like categorically;
  • budget.

Before using the services of an interior designer, we recommend deciding on the style and be sure to budget. Do not calculate the possible future income, it is better - calculate the real amount you are willing to work with. On the other hand, we advise not to underestimate the real cost of repairs.

Constructive interior designers will help you choose the most optimal materials and tell you where you can save, and where - in any case not worth it.

Planning stage

After studying all the important nuances for the customer, the interior designer begins to create sketches. Plans how the furniture will be placed according to the size of the room.


This is the stage at which the interior designer offers the customer a 3D image of the master plan. Here you can even see the materials from which the furniture, colors, decor, etc. are made.

Working project

The most detailed project for contractors with all possible miscalculations and specifications:

  • how the furniture will stand;
  • where dismantling is required;
  • what partitions are needed;
  • placement of sockets and lighting;
  • ceiling design;
  • decorative elements, etc.

Repair - the realization of dreams

Your home can be the way you want it. If you are close to a bright and unusual style - be sure to tell the interior designer. Want dark walls, but are afraid to turn the apartment into a dark hole? We will choose the right lighting. Add to the interior of light floors, mirrors, glossy surfaces - the room will shine and bring you incredible pleasure.

Large rooms should be zoned. For example, in the living room to put not only a sofa, but also to organize a place for an office or a place to meet guests. This way you will avoid unnecessary space and get the most functional housing.

For small rooms…

A small pilgrimage is not a reason to limit your fantasies. Light walls (not only white, you can - beige, yellow, pink), light multifunctional furniture, natural textiles - all this will add space, style and comfort to the interior design.

We also suggest not to place furniture as standard - only near the walls. Be sure to consider the most optimal use of space according to your needs.

When there is a lack of comfort

Very often in an apartment with a new renovation you do not feel at home. But we know how to solve it quickly.

Add accessories to your favorite color, textiles, bookshelves, framed photos and some greenery. Can you imagine how the atmosphere is changing? Instantly.

The secret is that you fill the room with details that reflect your inner world. It is much more pleasant to be and create in such interior.

Is it possible to do without a designer?

Of course. But is it worth it. Keep a list of benefits that you will receive after working with an experienced interior designer:

  • functionality;
  • cost savings;
  • saving time;
  • uniqueness;
  • quality and durability.

And now in more detail.


An interior designer knows how to fill the space with all the functions you need. By the way, regardless of the size of the room. Zoning, lighting, choice of textures and furniture - details that are very difficult for the customer to handle on their own.

For example, placing switches so that you do not have to return to the front door. Or - different lighting, additional design, storage space - the designer knows how to make your life easier.

Save money

By working with a professional, you will avoid a lot of mistakes, which can cost a lot.

Ordering a closet that does not fit anywhere, choosing a store where prices are too high, buying a floor that is more expensive than you need - these are just some of the unnecessary costs from which the designer will save.

If you plan to ever sell a house or rent it out - a well-thought-out interior design will increase the cost many times over.

Save time

This is one of the most important points. That's how long it takes - to figure out how to place the furniture, find them, explain to the customer…. It is better to spend this time on classes that will give you more pleasure and benefits.


The market for goods for repair is huge. It is very difficult not to get lost in it and choose exactly what you need:

  • how to combine colors;
  • how to create a single composition of furniture;
  • how to achieve the right atmosphere at home or in the office…

These are all nuances that you may not know. And this is normal, because a competent interior design requires knowledge and many years of experience. Isn't it better to entrust this matter to people who know exactly how to create a special, comfortable and aesthetic space?

We invite you to cooperate

Constructive interior design studio has been operating for over 13 years. So we know exactly how to make customers see the project and say, “Wow! It's even better than we imagined! ” But this is not the main thing. It is important that in many, many years, our work will be just as pleasing to anyone who crosses the threshold of the home or office we have been working on.