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Design of commercial premises

It is rumored that in the interiors designed by our designers, it is more pleasant and productive to work. It is not surprising, because we very carefully study the specifics of the company and take into account the wishes of each team member.

The peculiarity of office design is the very high requirements for practicality. We carefully choose the materials so that the appearance of the room does not deteriorate due to the intensive use of materials.

What do we offer?

  • Planning the functional design of a commercial space.
  • Real projects that are easy to implement without sky-high budgets.
  • Selection of furniture at the best prices.
  • We provide legal guarantees. Cost, time frame, other conditions - we fix everything in the contract.

Our task is to create a unique design of an office or public space that will correspond to the company's concept.

People fall in love with the cozy atmosphere, so appearance plays a very important role. If visitors like to stay in the establishment, they will come again and recommend to friends.

Do you have a cafe? Then be sure to make it comfortable not only for visitors but also for employees. Ergonomic placement of furniture will significantly improve the quality of service. And yet - colleagues will get great pleasure from work.

What projects are we talking about?

  • Shopping areas (shops, showrooms).
  • Office space.
  • Clinics.
  • Fitness clubs, sports complexes.
  • Projects of hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars.

Why is this important?

Did you hear the phrase that the theater starts with a hanger? Similarly, the first impression of the company begins with the interior of the office. If you want to make a positive impression on visitors to your office, restaurant, hotel or store - the company "Constructive" will help with the design.

Three important tasks

Any design of office space must meet three requirements:

  • emphasize the features of the company;
  • be very comfortable for work and meetings;
  • to be remembered by unique style.

Everyone who crosses the threshold of the office should feel that they are taken care of.

We are able to combine efficiency and convenience of operation of all details of an interior. We will convince you that technology and aesthetics are not alien concepts.

If you trust our designers - you will receive not just an office design, but a business card of the company, which will add a few more advantages to your reputation.

The goals we achieve

Let's be honest. The design of office space is not for beauty, but to increase the efficiency of your business. That is why working on a restaurant or hotel project is a huge responsibility. We strive to achieve the goals:

  • create an atmosphere in which it will be comfortable to work and relax;
  • increase the number of sales in the store, restaurant or office for which we develop a design;
  • strengthen the company's reputation through stylish and modern premises;
  • enhance your image in front of clients or partners who will cross the threshold of the office.

Also very important is the location of work areas, lighting, emphasis on the recreation area, placement of communications and technical facilities.

The best solution is to decorate the room in the company's colors and take into account all the details of the corporate style. We also take this into account at the project planning stage.

If it is the design of public spaces

A competent design of a restaurant or retail space helps to turn casual customers into regular visitors. When people want to come back again, when the interior is inspiring, and the hand is constantly reaching out to share with friends the impressions of the institution - this is the best assessment of our work.

Important nuances of the design of commercial premises:

  • functional space, convenient for both customers and employees;
  • original style with a light unobtrusive atmosphere;
  • durable materials that will not change their appearance after a month of use;
  • a unique style that will be remembered and set you apart from the competition.

How to order?

Interested in effective design of a hotel, restaurant or office? Leave a request on our website. After that we will contact you and discuss all the details.

After we prepare a commercial offer and time frame for the services, we will calculate and agree on the cost.

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